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'WE' Smartphones Online at the Best Price!

Mobile phones are the handiest electronic device to communicate with others remotely. But the necessity has changed by time. Now-a-days a mobile phone is much more than a plain communication device. Rather, it is used for entertainment, also carrying out day-today tasks. Smartphones which are manufactured with tons of smart features in order to make our lives easier. The demand for smartphones has increased significantly in the last decade. The country with 180 million people has a huge smartphone market. But the problem is, not everyone is financially solvent to have a smartphone of their own. All the phones from international brands are above the reach of the majority of the people in Bangladesh. Moreover, top brands have almost stopped producing feature phones because of the heavy demand of smartphones globally. 'WE', the people’s brand, has thought about the issue and solved it by bringing budget friendly smartphones to the mass people in Bangladesh. 'WE' offers smartphones with the latest technology, and all necessary features for everyday use. You can buy 'WE' smartphones at the lowest price from the largest online marketplace

Story of 'WE' – Brand that Innovates through the Power of 'WE'

'WE' is a brand of Aamra Technologies Ltd. under the mother company Aamra Group. Aamra group was founded in 1985 with a vision of doing something excellent by empowering the people of Bangladesh. The group has 11 concerns with a diversified investment in Information Technology, Textiles, and Lifestyle sectors in Bangladesh. 'WE' means “Aamra (আমরা)” in Bangla. The brand name itself speaks about the brand’s motto. It indicates that people can achieve anything when they work as a team instead of working alone. 'WE' believe, “Together 'WE' can stand tall”, “Together 'WE' can face all adversity”, Together 'WE' can triumph”.

Smartphones of 'WE'

'WE' is a popular smartphone brand in Bangladesh. The brand is popular, especially in the rural places among the lower and lower-middle class people of Bangladesh. 'WE' aims for the people who cherish a smartphone but are very tight in budget. 'WE' phones are making a difference by providing a colorful touch to people who only wished, but couldn’t afford a smartphone their own.

Price of 'WE' smartphones ranges from TK 2990 to TK 8999. Currently available models of 'WE' smartphone brands are A1, A2, A3, A10, B2, B3, E2, L2, L5, L8, L9, R3, R4, V4 and V5. You can buy any of the models according to your needs and budget from the mentioned models available in the market.

One of the latest models is “V4” which is available at a price of TK 8990. This 4G network supported model comes with Android Oreo (8.0). Body dimensions of 'WE' v4 is 148.76 X 70.36 X 8.95 mm. The phone weighs 154g with a battery. It has an infinity, HD+ IPS display with a size of 5.5 inches. Resolution of this model is 1440 x 720 pixels (295 PPI density). 'WE' V4 is equipped with a 64 bit 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm chipset. It has 2 GB RAM and an internal storage of 16 GB which can be expanded using an external memory card. Primary camera of V4 is 13 Megapixels with flash, and 5 Megapixels secondary camera to capture selfies anywhere anytime. It has a non-removable 2800 mAh Li-Ion battery to carry out your daily tasks without worrying about the charge..

One special feature of 'WE' smartphones is that you can have free WIFI connections and cloud storage of your own to store personal data. 'WE' claims that it is more than a smartphone. It is a combination of Cloud, Wi-Fi and other digital services available with smartphones. 'WE' offers a complete experience including limitless internet, good camera, reliable backup on the secured cloud storage and many more that a user needs on a daily basis.

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