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The standard of living for Bangladeshi people is improving day by day, and eventually we are becoming more and more dependent on technology to keep pace with the global advancements. As a result, the demand for different kinds of automobiles, consumer electronics and modern home appliances are increasing exponentially. Considering the increasing demand, almost all the leaders in the global electronics industry are increasing their activities in Bangladesh. But there is one company that has not invaded Bangladesh but made the courage to start it all in our own country. With strong determination and a promise to provide top notch products at an affordable price, this company has not only gained success in Bangladesh but also preached its name outside our country's border. And the name of this company is Walton Group.

A few words about Walton

Walton is a Bangladeshi conglomerate comprising a number of subsidiaries and affiliated businesses. The company started its journey in 1977, and currently the operation of this company is based in Kaliakair, Gazipur, Bangladesh. The subsidiaries of Walton Group include Walton Mobile, Walton Motors, Walton Electronics and Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. Under these subsidiaries, Walton produces electronics, motor vehicles, and various telecommunications products.

Walton has earned enormous domestic and global fame for its excellent products. The company is a pioneer in developing products having modern technology and state of the art designs. The product line of the company includes Refrigerators, Freezers, Televisions, Motorcycles, Air Conditioners, Smart Phones and Home Appliances. Walton has already stepped into more than 20 countries in the world, and by the end of 2020 it is supposed to put its presence to almost every in the world!

Buy Used Walton Laptops and PCs

To facilitate your modern lifestyle, Walton has brought to you a wide range of laptops and personal computers. Based on your preference, you can choose the one from a dynamic range of collections. Walton laptops are thin, light and flexible to help you carry them easily, and they come with exclusive features as well as long lasting battery life. The desktop PCs and all-in-one devices offer you high performance, and they are built to serve you for years. Walton also produces a number of computer accessories and hardware including UPS, Wi-Fi routers, Pendrives, speakers and many more.

Buy Used Walton Smartphones

Walton smartphones bring to you a wide and diverse range of innovations and features, so that you can meet your modern-day demands. In Walton smartphones, you will get the latest Android operating systems combined with a user-friendliness you have never experienced before. The elegant designs and premium quality of the smartphones will surprise you for sure! You will notice that Walton keeps updating its smartphone models in order to stay in catch with the latest features, innovations and technologies. Some of the latest Walton smartphones include PRIMO H9 PRO, PRIMO N4, PRIMO RX7 MINI, PRIMO H9, PRIMO G9 etc.

Buy Used Walton Television

Walton makes modern and user-friendly 4K, Smart, LED televisions that are designed for your utmost satisfaction. With additional menus and recommendations, Walton offers you a seamless access to your favorite entertainment at the click of a remote. With enhanced color, contrast, illumination and movement, Walton offers you an ultimate viewing experience.

Buy Used Air Conditioner

Walton air conditioners bring the ultimate comfort to your home and office. With numerous latest technologies, these innovative air conditioners are made to reduce your energy consumption, and to provide you a faster cooling experience along with smart control.

Buy Used Other Products

Stylish Walton Refrigerators offer you an energy-saving facility and maximum storage space. With various modern home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, electrical appliances and many more, Walton promises to give you an easier and better lifestyle.

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