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Contribution of consumer electronic goods has been utterly prominent in people’s livelihood. When these goods are offered at affordable prices, it adds more to the consumptions of the goods and a large portion of people within the society get the access to improve their lives as well as to make life easy and comfortable. Staying in parallel with this notion, Vision, the electronics brand of RFL, holds its aim to serve the common people of Bangladesh through its quality products. Vision offers a diversified range of household electronic products and simultaneously supports Bangladesh’s increasing demand for consumer goods at a reasonable price. In this era of globalization, the quality of the product matters the most and keeping that in consideration, Vision is growing faster and sustaining by utilizing our indigenous resources.

The Story of Vision

The widely known acronym RFL, which stands for Rangpur Foundry Limited, holds its aim to serve the common people of Bangladesh through its quality products and has remained consistent with this aim through decades. RFL, having served people since 1981, has expanded its area of contribution over time and in 2012, RFL expanded itself in the field of marketing of consumer electrical and electronics products. Vision, the brand for household electronic items, produces Microwave oven, Freezer and Refrigerator, Induction Cooker, Washing Machine as well as handheld electronics brand Proton produces Mobile phone, Laptop and Tablet. 


Electronic brand Vision offers a wide variety of models in its Smart LED TV Series which includes Pro smart, Infinity, 4K 3D Internet TV. Vision has a variety of models in its General Series of LED TVs as well. Vision offers a range of different types of multimedia speakers as well as home theaters that are perfect for playing music, games, movies and online videos. In the market of Bangladesh, Vision has launched Android Voice-control Google Television which enables local users to operate TV through using voice as remote and also lets users browse websites through google assistance. The TV contains a 4K display that provides a fantastic picture quality.


There is a great variety in models of refrigerators, available in various colors and designs with adequate space as well as energy saving capacity. This wide variety comes with categories such as platinum series of refrigerators, glass door (GD) refrigerators, VCM refrigerators and chest freezers. The refrigerators are made with standard raw materials and the latest German technology has been applied. Vision refrigerators come with 10 years of warranty as well.


Vision fans are being retailed across the country and different types of fans are being offered to the market, which includes ceiling fan, table fan, stand fan, exhaust fan, high speed fan, wall fan, pedestal fan and rechargeable fan. Vision Fans are made of high quality silicon and pure aluminium to ensure its less weight as well as electricity efficiency. The production of Vision fans has been amplified to meet the growing demands in the local market. Vision fans have also been exported to India and also planning on expanding its market.

Air Conditioner

Vision offers air conditioner (AC) in inverter series, non-inverter series, industrial series and different models of coolers are also there. Along with other models of different capacities, the inverter AC series has launched Wifi inverters as well. This wide range of models lets the consumer choose the perfect one to create a comfortable condition.  

Home Appliance

There is an amazing range of products which makes the household functioning easier. The list of modern home appliance includes microwave oven, electric oven, electric water boiler, vacuum cleaner,  rice cooker, blender, washing machine, electric iron, electric kettle, room comforter, induction cooker, infrared cooker, multi cooker, geyser, roti maker, sandwich maker, voltage stabilizer, water purifier and mosquito killing bat. Vision has brought a mini room heater as well to keep the room warm and suitable. This mini room heater comes with a portable mini size which makes it more handy and flexible. The home appliance products come with great quality and that gets enhanced as it contains several safety measures as well. Vision offers such diversified home appliance products that make our daily life effortlessly easy and comfortable.

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