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Vaseline is an essential element in winter. Vaseline may be a terribly acquainted issue in our country. Vaseline is a product of Unilever. As Vaseline manufactures winter merchandise, therefore their biggest customers are in winter. In Bangladesh, Vaseline merchandise are principally sold-out in Winter. Vaseline jelly is efficacious for any or all the individuals. In lips and aid, Vaseline is the leader. Vaseline believes that actually a healthy skin starts with deep healing moisture. With the consultants and advanced Vaseline healing merchandise, Vaseline will assist you rescue your skin. Vaseline moisturizes your skin, protects it from actinic ray rays and leaves skin healthy and breathable.

Founded in 1870 by Henry M. Robert Chesebrough, Vaseline products are serving to heal dry skin for over one hundred forty years. Our skin is that the barrier between our bodies and therefore the outside world, and therefore the health of our skin is important to our overall success. In powerful circumstances, skin issues square measure commonly and may cause nice discomfort, typically worsening to life-changing conditions if not addressed . Vaseline’s mission is to push higher skin health around the world, and to assist heal the skin of five million individuals by 2020. We tend to all merit healthy, cured skin.

Vaseline Products

Vaseline products are specially made for winter therefore their products consist of oils and petroleum jelly which secures the moisture to the skin and helps to prevent any breakdowns. Vaseline products can be categorized in 4 categories. Vaseline lip theory, men anti acne, hair tonic, petroleum jelly and lastly Vaseline lotion. All these categories have their own subsection or flavour categories which attends the need of different people at the same time with different choices of products.  

Vaseline Lip Therapy

Vaseline lip therapy comes in seven different flavours and helps to prevent the breakdown of the lips. They also moistures the lip and reduce the black essence. Besides the size of these products makes them really easy to carry in the bag or pocket and can use them anywhere. The Vaseline lip theory also protects the lips from rays of the sun and prevents any kind of sunburn. Apart from all these, their different flavours mixed with natural ingredients and works like a charm. Moreover, they fulfil the wishes of choices which caters many people at the same time. 

Vaseline Men Anti Acne

Vaseline men anti acne is especially designed for men who are suffering from acne problems.  After using the products on the skin, it targets acne bacteria within 10 seconds to defeat stubborn acne of the skin. At best it tries to restore acne damaged skin 1 week, however it may vary from person to person. Its skin friendly formula is only tough on acne, not on skin, making it perfect for everyday use and day by day it visibly restores skin by reducing acne. Using these products cleans the skins like real smoothness.

Vaseline Hair Tonic

Vaseline hair tonic is totally different from any other products as all of them primarily focused on the skin. Vaseline hair tonic works perfect for someone with a dandruff problem. It reduces the dandruff from the scalp and gradually eliminates the problem from hair and from the scalp. This hair tonic also works as a conditioner to the hair and creates a shiny silky smooth that entangles the hair. Both men and women can use these products to create a more gentle vibe. 

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline petroleum jelly is the first product that entered the Bangladeshi market. The thick consistency of these products really protects the skin from any damages and makes it smoother. It locks the moisture in the skin. However, Vaseline petroleum jelly comes in many different sizes catering the needs of a child to family usage. Apart from all these, it helps to treat the skin from any minor cuts and protects it from bacteria. 

Vaseline Lotion

Other than Vaseline petroleum jelly, Vaseline lotion is the most common product of Vaseline. Like the Vaseline lip theory, it also comes in many different flavours. All the natural ingredients in those flavours really boost the skin and help to create a shiny smooth skin. Vaseline lotion locks the moistures like the other products and helps to stay more healthy skin. Vaseline lotion flavours have different fragrances which cater the need of everyone. 

Buy Vaseline from AjkerDeal Classified

AjkerDeal Classified offers a wide range of Vaseline products that saves people from the roughness of winter. These products are made with natural ingredients and ensure the moistures of the skin while creating a shiny silky layer on the outer skin. Their flavours also cater to people with different choices. All the Vaseline products can be bought from AjkerDeal Classified at a reasonable price from anywhere in the country. It can also be delivered anywhere in the country within the working days and also without any hassle. 


  1. Will Vaseline clog pores?

-Vaseline does not clog pores or results in any blackouts. Vaseline helps the skin to lock the moisture and helps to prevent any kind of damage. It also helps with minor cuts to heal more effectively.

  1. Is Vaseline hair tonic good for hair?

-Yes, Vaseline hair tonic is good for hair. It prevents the problem of hair dandruff. Locking down the smooth silkiness of the hair gradually treats the hair more effectively. 

  1. Can we apply Vaseline lotion on the face?

-Vaseline lotion can be applied on the face as well as anywhere in the skin except the sensitive areas. It can also be used as a moisturizer before makeup. Vaseline lotion is good for skin as it also gives out a shiny layer of skin. 

  1. Does Vaseline lip therapy work?

-Vaseline lip therapy works to reduce the dryness of skin and gives it a nice shimmery look. It also works as chapped lip products. It can be left overnight on lips that locks the moisture and creates a pair of soft lips. 

  1. What can Vaseline petroleum jelly be used for?

-Vaseline petroleum jelly can be used for  protecting and healing dry skin, from dry, cracked hands to hard skin on heels, as well as for beauty purposes, like softening the lips or highlighting the cheekbones!


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