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People say, time is more valuable than money. But unfortunately, everyday we lose a huge amount of time due to traffic jams, which we could easily convert into doing something productive otherwise. We cannot get a solution to traffic jams so easily, what we can do is to find alternative ways to deal with this inconvenience. A great way is to go for a two wheeler vehicle that can save a lot of time for you instead of the existence of traffic jams. If you are looking forward to going for this option, then TVS Motor Company is there for you with top notch bikes, scooters and motorcycles at the most affordable price.

A few words for TVS!

TVS Motor Company Ltd. is a popular India based multinational two wheelers and three wheelers company, which is headquartered at Chennai, India. TVS Motor Company is a member of the TVS Group, and is the largest company of this group in terms of size and turnover. TVS Group was founded by T. V. Sundaram Iyengar in 1911.

TVS is considered to be the 3rd largest motorcycle company in India. Only in 2018-19, it made an annual sale of more than $2.8 billion. Unit wise, the company sales over 3 million units per year. Currently this company deals with scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, electric bikes and three wheelers. TVS two wheelers have a great popularity with customers of all groups because of their top notch quality and performance.

TVS Motorcycles

TVS motorcycles are widely accepted not only in India but also in a lot of other countries of South Asia. The bikes are stylish in looks and satisfactory in mileage. Specially, the bikes from the Apache series are quite admired because of their powerful and long lasting performance and affordable price. Some of the best TVS motorcycle models are TVS Apache rtr 160, TVS Apache RR 310, TVS Radeon, TVS Victor, TVS StaR City +, TVS Sport and many more. All of the bikes that have been mentioned above are quite well known for their high engine capacity, monstrous power, and comfortable weight. The best thing is, all of these stylish motorbikes come in very much of an affordable price, which complements your budget and other criteria quite well!

Used TVS Scooters

TVS Scooters are much admired to people whose first preference in a two wheeler is safety and affordability. These scooters are not only popular to men but also to women for their comfort level and ease of use. Nevertheless, the scooters offer you a great performance that can satisfy your basic two wheeler needs. Some of the most famous models are TVS Ntorq, TVS Jupitar, TVS Zest 110 and TVS Scooty Pep+. If you are looking for something in a low price, TVS scooters can be the perfect option for you to go for.


Mopeds refer to a kind of small motorcycle that has both motorcycle engine and bicycle pedals. It is an economical mode of transportation and typically has a low powered engine. TVS mopeds are good in quality and highly admired by people who are looking for something in a lower budget range. If you are looking for a satisfactory two wheeler in the cheapest option, you can undoubtedly go for TVS XL100 moped.

Use TVS Electric Bike

TVS has an electric bike in their product line which is TVS iQube. With 75 km range, 2.25 kWH battery capacity and 78 km/h top speed, this bike is quite popular specially with the people who are environmentally concerned.

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