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If you have even a slightest idea about branded watches, then you must have heard the name of Tissot. This luxury watch brand has been making top notch watches for more than 150 years. The beautiful pieces of high tech elegance that Tissot comes with are crafted to complement your personality to the fullest!

Brand History and Overview

Tissot started its journey back in 1853, in a small city named Le Locle. However, the company’s history took a great turn with its first production of anti-magnetic watches which took place in 1929.

At the very beginning, Tissot started with custom made timepieces. Then, they used to ship their products to the United States Only. By the early 1920s, Tissot started to ship their timepieces to Russia as well.  In 1980, Tissot became a part of the Swiss conglomerate Swatch Group.

By updating the product and refining its latest technology on a continuous basis, Tissot today has grown to an enviable height. This Swiss Brand is one of the few in the world to utilize tritium for the illumination purposes in its watches. So, when you go for a Tissot watch, you do not just get a high end quality timepiece, but also you get the liberty of taking your watch to any weather or light condition.

Tissot Products

The number of products Tissot comes with is quite high, and all of them come in quite a premium quality. So, we tried to make some advanced research and here we come up with some Tissot watch models that have been most appreciated by people all around the world.

Tissot Bridgeport Automatic Chronograph

If you are looking for a classy but vintage design in your timepiece, then Bridgeport Automatic Chronograph can be the right choice for you. It complements your premium and elegant attires and it has a higher power reserve than most of the other Swiss watches of the same price range.

Tissot Rose Dream 18k Gold

Tissot Rose Dream 18k Gold is considered to be one of the most luxurious dress watches from Tissot. The fit and finish on this model is something you would appreciate for sure. The watches are reliable, nice and heavy, and need quite a little maintenance to run them.

Tissot Heritage Navigator Automatic 160th Anniversary COSC

This is one of the classic models of the company that they have recently brought back from its archive. Just like a piece of Renaissance artwork, these amazing timepieces stand out among the other modern watch brands and often beat them with the style.

Tissot 1936 Heritage Special Edition

If you are someone who genuinely loves vintage watches, then Tissot 1936 Heritage Special Edition is something you should keep on top of your consideration. The best thing is, the model is relatively cheaper and much more beautiful compared to the other vintage models that the brand offers.

Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette Automatic

This model can be an outstanding choice for people who are looking for some modern and futuristic design. Thanks to the protective sapphire crystal, this beautiful timepiece has the ability to serve you for a long time!

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Q: Where Are Tissot Watches Made?

A: All original Tissot watches are swiss made.

Q: Is Tissot A Good Watch Brand?

A: Both in cases of general customers and branded watch experts, Tissot is widely considered to be a leading watch brand. It has a reputation spanning over a century for producing the best quality timepieces in a reasonable price range.

Q: Do Tissot watches offer any kind of warranty?

A: Yes, Tissot offers a 2 year international warranty.


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