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There is a saying that, “Time is more valuable than money.” But it is a matter of sorrow that every single day we lose a huge amount of time because of traffic jams. If not for traffic jams, we could easily convert this valuable time into doing something productive. However, the truth is we cannot get a solution to traffic jams so quickly and easily. What we can do on our own, is to find some alternative ways to deal with this irritating inconvenience. A great and reasonable way can be going for a two wheeler vehicle, which can save you a lot of time in spite of the pathetic traffic jam. If you are considering this option, then you should be glad to know that Suzuki Motor Corporation is there for you with a diverse range of bikes at the most affordable price!

A few words for Suzuki

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a world famous Japanese multinational corporation. The headquarters of this company is situated in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu. Suzuki works on manufacturing automobiles, four wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles or ATVs, outboard marine engines, wheelchairs and a lot of other automobile related products. In the year 2016, Suzuki was found to be the 11th biggest automaker worldwide, in terms of production. The company currently has more than 45,000 employees and runs around 35 production facilities in 23 countries. Suzuki has the world's 10th largest worldwide sales volume of automobiles, which shows its huge popularity to people all around the globe.

Suzuki comes with different genres of bikes considering the different needs of the customers. For example, to satisfy the demand of common consumers it has brought in Suzuki Commuters and Suzuki Scooters. These bikes are of top notch quality, stylish, easy to use and most importantly, they are affordable. For speed and racing lovers, there are Suzuki Sports and Suzuki Super Sports. Also, there are the cruisers, which is a high end elegant bike series from Suzuki. It is made for the ones who keep style and elegance on top of their consideration.

Suzuki Commuter

Suzuki commuter bikes include Suzuki Hayate, Hayate Special Edition, GSX 125, Samurai, Hayate EP etc. These bikes are made to satisfy the demand of common people, but nevertheless they come with the most modern and upgraded state of the art features you can possibly expect from a consumer bike. These perfect commuter bikes come in very much of a sporty look, and they offer you a much better performance and mileage.    

Suzuki Scooters

Suzuki Scooters include Access 125, Access 125 Special Edition, Let’s and Burgman Street. These scooters come with world class features as well as exciting design and color options. They offer you the highest level of convenience and ease of riding. The most dashing flagship scooter of the company is Burgman Street. Utilizing Suzuki's most advanced technology, Burgman Street offers you everything that you need, and more.

Sports Bike

Suzuki sports bikes include Gixxer SF, Gixxer 155CC, Gixxer 155CC Dual Tone, New Gixxer 155 FI ABS etc. These premium and stylish sports bikes are some of the most demanded Suzuki models worldwide.  With its new advanced Rear Disc Brakes, Suzuki sports bikes promise you a fabulous, stable and confident riding experience.

Super Sports

Suzuki Super Sports bikes include GSX-R150 and bandit. GSX-R150 has been designed to be light and comfortable, and it offers you the power to weight ratio. Bandit also offers you a very comfortable ride, along with a much superior engine performance.


Suzuki Cruiser models include Intruder ABS and Intruder ABS FI. This series of Suzuki bikes are sporty, and they offer you a feeling of luxury and elegance. Its flowing character lines, adds attitude to your ride!

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