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Electronics devices and products are the basic necessity of any home. Among all the brands, Singer has been a household name since the birth of our country. Due to its pricing, product strategy and many more, Singer has been one of the most sought after products. Singer Electronics is the primary alternative of the many homemakers. AjkerDeal Classified ensures the standard of those products and delivers them to you so you'll be able to look simply from home. Singer home and room appliances have the best quality with innovative technology. Also, their distinctive style captures the eyes of the customers and makes the physics enticing to them. And here, AjkerDeal Classified is ready to deliver you these top quality products to make sure the simplest service you'll be able to get.

History of Singer

The closeness of Singer in Bangladesh goes back to the English provincial time once the state was a bit of the Indian landmass. The most active of Singer started in 1905. Afterward, in 1920, 2 retailers got wind of Dhaka and Chittagong. When the section of the sub-mainland in 1947, 2 separate states developed. East Pakistan became a bit of Pakistan and framed its jab wing. Singer in East Pakistan worked as a region of Singer Pakistan and also the things want to originate from Western Pakistan. At the underlying stage, advertising activity was helped out through simply ten retailers, that dilated to forty three by the late Sixties.


 When the event of Bangladesh on December 16, 1971, the Bangladesh Branch workplace was raised to a national workplace and also the stitching machines were created accessible from varied Singers abroad sources. The amount of retailers was ironed to merely twenty three because of the low volume of business. Associate degree adjustment within the venture strategy in 1979 created new business openings and Singer listed as an operating organization, with eightieth of the provide command by Singer textile machine Organization (SSMC), USA, and two hundredth by neighbourhood investors. In 1983 the organization was recorded with Dhaka Stock Trade (DSE) and offered two hundredth of its complete capitalization-2,565 customary parts of Bangladeshi monetary unit one hundred every. In 2001, it had been in addition recorded with the Chittagong Stock Trade (CSE).

Singer Products

Since its beginning in Bangladesh, the name SINGER has been synonymous with the stitching machine. Despite the fact that stitching machines are SINGER'S center business, however the administration understood that this item alone could not prove development for extended periods. This acknowledgment prompted broadening into numerous item runs. During this method, the amendment of Singer from a solitary item household appliance organization into a multi-item client sturdy organization started in 1985 for extra development and extension.


This sweetening into emptor durable goods has proceeded with intense interest. At numerous occasions, Singer has bestowed Fridges, LCD/Drove tv, Shading TVs, Furniture, Climate management systems, Fans, garments washers, Irons, Microwaves, Rice Cookers, Cruisers, Moment Force offer, Bu-ray Players, space heaters, Air Coolers, room Machines, Netbook, PC, Personal computers, Generators, Blue Beam Blu-ray Players. Singer, as a significant side of its sweetening program, wandered into the collecting and showcasing of articles of furniture in 2013.

Why Should You Use a Singer?

Singer is one of the most popular brands in Bangladesh. Starting at the base of the country they neither compromised their quality nor their brand value and service. Singer ensures the best type of product for the users for creare an unique experience as well as making them budget friendly. Transcend is always working to develop their products and add new value to it. They are continuously researching to improve their existence products and making them more user friendly in every way.

Singer at AjkerDeal Classified

AjkerDeal Classified offers a lot of making a sheltered and reliable commercial center for clients and buyers to sell their unused and old Singer items at a supportable cost for the new clients who need to get them yet couldn't manage the cost of the new ones. This is an incredible decision for understudies and other new property holders who are searching for quality items. 

AjkerDeal Classified has a wide range of credible Singer items to its clients at a sensible cost. Individuals can arrange them from anyplace in the nation and get it conveyed inside seven working days and shop from anyplace. Singer has been ruling the market since its launching. The reason behind this is that Singer always offers the edge cutting products under a budget for people specifically for students making it approachable for everyone and every day use. Singer is always working to make the existing products better in a way that the high end customers also want to buy the products instead of those high-end branded products.

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