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When it comes to electric home appliances, there are a lot of brands out there. You may find high-end international brands like LG, Samsung, Sharp etc. as well as many Chinese brands. SHIMIZU is one of the renowned Chinese electric home appliance brands in Bangladesh. SHIMIZU produces small home appliances like induction cooker, electric kettle, water heater, electric egg beater and hand mixer, sandwich maker etc. If you want to buy a good quality electric kitchen tool for your home at a reasonable cost, SHIMIZU can be a good option for you.

This is directly assembled in China, and imported to the country with the best quality parts available there.

Story of SHIMIZU Electric Appliances in Bangladesh

SHIMIZU is a renowned Chinese brand very popular in Bangladesh. Its products are imported from China. The quality is greatly supervised in order to provide the best quality to the people or Bangladesh. The strong marketing team of SHIMIZU’s Bangladeshi importers ensures the distribution nationwide. Their aim is to provide the best quality products at a reasonable price to everyone’s home.

The sole importer of SHIMIZU in Bangladesh is Miazi Trading Corporation. Miazi Trading Corporation started its business in may 8, 1993 as an importer and trader. At first, they imported glassware and ceramic appliances in Bangladesh. After about a decade, in 2003, Miazi Trading started importing electric appliances from China. They have rebranded those products as SHIMIZU in Bangladesh. First, they were wholesalers in the local market. But, they have opened a few retail outlets around the country recently. Because of their quality, their products had huge demand. This opened new opportunities for the importer. They started manufacturing refrigerators and Television in 2014 in the country. Currently SHIMIZU is distributing their wide ranges of electric appliances to cities as well as rural areas of Bangladesh.

Products of SHIMIZU Electric Appliances

SHIMIZU has a range of products like Blender and Mixer, Rice Cooker, Induction Cooker, Electric Iron, Gas Stove, Toaster, Sandwich Maker, Electric Kettle, Electric Oven, Electric Wok, Electric Pressure Cooker etc. SHIMIZU has brought various models of products with different features in each category considering the choice variation in people.

Induction Cooker

With the increasing demand of induction cookers in Bangladesh, SHIMIZU imported some quality induction cookers. These cookers are very easy to use. They are highly energy efficient. These cookers have incredible speed and precise control options. These cookers have thin,  durable bodies with digital displays. SHIMIZU cookers are very convenient to use and easy to clean. One of the induction cooker models is SHIMIZU SM-401P.

Electric Kettle

Need tea or hot chocolate in a cold weather, but are too lazy to go to the kitchen? SHIMIZU electric kettles can help you out there. With these super quality electric kettles, preparing a hot cup of tea, coffee or instant soup is very convenient. These kettles are great looking, and can be stored in your bedroom or common room without hampering the interior of the room. Powerful boiling system with an auto shut off function helps to heat up the liquid super fast and no chance of drying up the water. The 360-degree rotating function made the whole boiling process very handy and convenient to use. If you want to buy one for your home, you can try the model SM-1753 black and white, very reasonable price and high quality built quality.

Electric Egg Beater and Hand Mixer

While you are up to preparing an egg omelette for breakfast, making dough for Roti, or baking something, an electric hand mixer and egg beater can save your time and energy greatly. SHIMIZU has some of the best hand mixers that are manufactured focusing on the ergonomics of the user. These beaters are very comfortable grip, With a 5-speed powerful copper motor, the mixer can perform your daily beating or mixing in minutes. It has an extra thick silicon steel sheet which ensures better quality. One key acceleration function will allow you to complete tasks even faster when you have a shortage of time. Two of the most popular models are BO-6618, and BO-6621.


There are a whole lot of products with a variety of categories and models that SHIMIZU is offering currently. As you're reading this section right now you already know their product line. SHIMIZU has emphasized the customer’s needs and ease of use alongside quality material and service guarantee. As these products are built considering the affordability of people of all stages, you can try out one of them, and we hope you’ll be very satisfied.

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