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When it involves preparation, ingredients square measure the primary priority. Tasty and healthy food will never be made of inferior ingredients. Rupchanda takes special care in choosing the raw materials. The corporation strictly maintains superiority in procuring raw materials by collecting them from those locations wherever the most effective quality raw materials square measure is harvested. The BEOL laboratory provides the most effective facilities to take care of such authentic quality. Thus, it contributes to the purity and credibleness of ultimate merchandise. 


Rupchanda is a name of trust to several homemakers. it's been making certain the most effective quality it secure since its institution. The merchandise from Rupchanda focuses on the nutrition you wish to stay at work. During this busy, agitated life, individuals currently like readymade ingredients in preparation and still get the great style. The edible oil and rice of Rupchanda give the homemakers straightforward preparation and delicious food all directly.

History or Rupchanda

BEOL is a venture owned by Wilmar International Limited of Singapore and Adani Group of India which is one hundred percent foreign owned . BEOL is the initial company to launch edible oil packaging in Bangladesh's PET bottles, pouches and bags in packages.


RUPCHANDA started its journey in 1996 and has since taken its place because the "numero-uno" within the class of branded edible oil. With success invigorating fat-soluble vitamin, RUPCHANDA vegetable oil has additionally revolutionized itself in 2012. Throughout this twenty two years of journey, RUPCHANDA keeps on that specialize in up the standard of lifetime of its shoppers.

Rupchanda is the flagship complete of BEOL, Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited, that is a 100 percent foreign owned venture. Rupchanda was the primary Vitamin-A fortified refined soyabean oil that was certified and approved by the govt. and has won the simplest edible oil complete award for the last seven years.Every selling activity all told spheres of Rupchanda vegetable oil is crafted and dead with the centered intent of up the standard of lifetime of its shoppers. 

Rupchanda Products

Even though Rupchanda is primarily an oil company they also sell products that include various types of rices like chinigura, nagirshail and miniket. Rupchanda oil includes refined soyabean oil and mustard oil. Mustard oil has been used in the bengali kitchen for generations. This is not a big surprising deal. However, the concept of using soybean oil in the cooking changed the idea and structure of the cooking  area. Rupchanda is famous for its cooking oil and how refined it is. 

Rupchanda Rices

As it is mentioned earlier, Rupchanda has a section that is premium rice. The Rupchanda rice section includes rice like Chinigura, Miniket and Nazirshail rice. All of these rices are collected from the best farmers and the products are sealed in a secured way that stands out among all the packed rices in the market. These rice packets are full of flavours and aromatic scent which not only gives a premium flavour but also maintains the premium quality. Rupchanda Premium Aromatic Chinigura Rice maintains the presence of broken rice & large grains within its own tolerance cap, as there is no fixed guideline for the quality of rice in Bangladesh. Rupchanda Premium Aromatic Chinigura is found to have the lowest amount of broken rice & broad grains in the BEOL laboratory, which ensures non-sticky & great pulao.

Rupchanda Soyabean Oil

Rupchanda oil has revolutionized itself by successfully strengthening fat-soluble vitamins. Rupchanda is the first soybean oil product that created its own place in the kitchens of our household. Rupchanda soyabean oil is full of nutritious value. They are made in the refined and completely made with machines. All of these qualities make the Rupchanda Soyabean Oil more exclusive and premium than ever. It may facilitate skin health, scale back cholesterin levels, forestall bone loss, and supply necessary polyunsaturated fatty acid fatty acids.

Rupchanda Mustard Oil

Mustard oil, that is typically used as cooking oil however it's conjointly been known with by users for an additional reason. Mustard oil, not like alternative preparation oils, typically provides flavor to the food we have a tendency to consume. it's conjointly used in the main in mashed product (bhorta), pickle etc. Besides purity, the most expectation from mustard oil is clearly pungency, that is special and might not be substituted by the other edible oil. The mustard oil naturally contains some free carboxylic acid. 1.5 p.c free carboxylic acid content is taken into account safely in step with the BSTI guideline. Rupchanda mustard oil, however, retains definite quantity at 1 Chronicles. High-acidity ends up in issues of symptom, flatulence and acidity. it's a matter of right smart talent to attain low acid content and at identical time maintain high pungence. It's simply that Rupchanda Pure Mustard Oil will.

Rupchanda at AjkerDeal Classified

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