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Rooh Afza

For centuries, Rooh Afza has been a household name in South Asian countries, especially in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Rooh Afza- the ultimate red colored drink united for the people of all these countries. The youth generation of these countries have a love-hate relation with it. However, what is the case is, it has been around for almost a century. Rooh Afza is more of a healthier drink than a refreshing drink. Nonetheless, people not only drink Rooh Afza but also they use it in many food items and many people love to drink it with milk rather than water. 

Rooh Afza is a 100 percent halal drink for people. Rooh Afza is actually a red sharbat sweetener mixed with cold water and served with mint. In Arabic language “Rooh” means that soul, whereas “Afza” means that to refresh, which makes Rooh Afza, quite virtually, a refreshment drink for the soul.Hamdard Laboratories in India launches Rooh Afza with different fruit flavor. In 2020 - Rooh Afza completes 113 years.

History of Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza was first made by Hakim Abdul Hafeez Majeed who was an unanii doctor. He used to work in a small laboratory situated in Old Delhi. The reason behind creating this drink is to cool down the scorching heat of Delhi. The Hakim developed the recipe by using the Unani medicine ingredients. Later in 1906, Rooh Afza was formulated by Naqi Ali Shah in Ghaziabad. Rooh Afza is a very popular common drink. It is manufactured under Hamdard Laboratories, founded by Naqi Ali Shah and his son. People not only drink Rooh Afza in the summer, but they also drink it in Ramadan and Eid too. The Hamdard company was divided by the partition of 1947 as one of the brothers moved to Pakistan whereas another stayed in India. 

Ingredients of Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza is made from both vegetables and fruits as well as various kinds of herbs, flowers and roots too. The first idea behind the making of Rooh Afza is to combine a healthy, refreshing drink made out of healthy choices which will also give strength to the drinker. The original formula of Rooh Afza included herbs like purslane, chicory, wine-grape raisins, European white lily, blue star water lily, lotus, borage and coriander. All of these herbs are refreshing and quite nutritious in their own way. These herbs work like magic and generate strength. 

Apart from the herbs section, Rooh Afza also includes ingredients like flowers which are rose, kewra, orange and lemon. These flowers give out the fragrance of Rooh Afza and added flavours and nutrition to the drink. The most diverse section is the fruits section which includes fruits like orange, citron, pineapple, apple, berries, strawberry, raspberry, loganberry, blackberry, cherry, concord grapes, blackcurrant and watermelon. These fruits give out the natural sweetness in the drink and enhance a taste bud while creating a refreshing scent. Lastly the root that is used in Rooh Afza is vetiver.

All these ingredients present in Rooh Afza are nutritious in one way or another. Combining all these ingredients results in creating a unique scent and taste which gives out a refreshing sense to the person who drinks it. 

Rooh Afza Fusion

Alongside the classic red drink of Rooh Afza, it also has some fusion drinks which people do not know much of. Rooh Afza lemon fusion is created with a sensational twist of orchard-fresh limes in refreshing. It has a pleasant citrusy taste with a pleasant fragrance. It creates a supply of cool and refreshing style in each sip. It will take away the thirst and recharge the body. One of the best drinks for summer is made of a luscious fusion of exotic oranges, also known as  Rooh Afza orange fusion.It has a tangy, sweet and delicious thirst quencher for summer. Each sip of this drink can provide the pleasant and pleasant fragrance. 

Rooh Afza pineapple and orange fusion are one of the luscious fusion of exotic oranges and orchard-fresh pineapples with the natural goodness of Rooh Afza. This drink tastes best once chilled and gives out a  wonderful summer refresher. A luscious fusion of orchard-fresh 

Benefits of Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza contains essential minerals like mineral, magnesium, sulphur and calcium that shield the body from dehydration. This chilling drink helps in maintaining water balance within the body. Rooh Afza isn't simply a refreshing drink that provides a sweet style however additionally helps to extend the hemoglobin content in blood. Rooh Afza could be a cool refreshing drink that's helpful in lowering down body heat. Consumption of Rooh Afza will facilitate in dominant body heat. If one has issues of an upset stomach, then consuming Rooh Afza will help to combat issues like giddiness, urinary organ symptom and abdomen cramps. Rooh Afza is alleged to possess nice effects on vessel health. It helps in increasing viscus potency, smoothen viscus blood and maintains regular recurrence. If one is  feeling vile or plagued by diarrhea then consuming Rooh Afza will forestall such conditions.

Rooh Afza at AjkerDeal Classified

Rooh Afza is a nice present drink full of many health benefits. It not only fills the necessity of the weather but also refreshes the mind and body. AjkerDeal sells authentic authentic Rooh Afza which is full of nutritious value. People can order Roof Afza from anywhere in the country and get it delivered at their doorsteps within the working days. With every other product, AjkerDeal Classified also caters the need of Rooh Afza.


  1. Is Rooh Afza hala?

-Rooh Afza is 100% halal. Rooh Afza is made out of halal ingredients and people of all religions and everyone can drink it without any hassle. 

  1. Is Rooh Afza healthy?

-Yes, Rooh Afza is a healthy drink made of all types of healthy products. Rooh Afza is made from all natural products and no artificial products making it the healthiest drink. 

  1. Does Rooh Afza increase weight?

-Rooh Afza is an ideal drink for increasing weight. It keeps the water balance in the body proper and helps to stabilize the whole immunity system.

  1. Is Rooh Afza good for pregnancy?

-There is no hard evidence that says that Rooh Afza is bad but it is best to avoid Rooh Afza in the pregnancy time. As it is a commercial refreshing drink, it is best to avoid that without a doctor's prescription.

  1. How many calories are in a glass of Rooh Afza?


-There are 90 calories in a glass of Rooh Afza.


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