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With the lapse of time, wrist watches have become one of the most vital devices in the daily lives of us human beings. These useful gadgets have been used for a long time to keep track of the time during the day or the night. However, the uses and features of the watches we use today, have been improved a lot over time. Now, people do not just use a watch to keep track of time, also they use it as an important part of their fashion and elegance. Keeping this in mind, a number of companies have come up with a view to provide consumers with feature-full, elegant and fashionable wrist watches. Rado is one of those companies, who have been successful in securing a strong place as one of the most elegant and high end luxury watch manufacturers in the world.

A few words for Rado

Rado is a Swiss watch manufacturing company, which is widely known for its avant-garde timepieces. The brand started its journey more than a century ago, in 19l7. Ernst and Werner founded the company as an ordinary watch manufacturer brand, but soon it grabbed a huge reputation for making the most elegant and high end watches. The brand is well known for making watches with unusual materials (lanthanum, high-tech ceramics, hard metal etc.), which gives Rado watches a distinct and extraordinary style.

Soon Rado became a globally recognized brand with its extraordinary products and got famous for its innovative designs and revolutionary materials. Rado believes in its brand philosophy “if we can imagine it, we can make it”, and it is going on implementing this philosophy quite effortlessly for decades. Some of the most popular Rado watches are Rado Centrix. Rado True, Rado Hyperchrome, Rado Original etc.

Rado True

Since 1917, Rado has been breaking boundaries in the high end watch industry. This Swiss watchmaker is considered to be a remarkable example of what it takes to be a brand in one of the most flamboyant industries in the world. The Rado True does a perfect judgment to that, and then some more. These Rado watches are sleek, marvelously designed, and of exceptional built, all of which are made to amaze you!

Rado Centrix

Rado has always been considered to be a specialist in avant-garde watches. The company has always been a leader in research and innovation, and Rado Centrix does a perfect judgment of this characteristic of the brand. The collection is considered to be a front-runner for the Swiss brand, considering the fact that it perfectly encapsulates what Rado stands for.

Rado Hyperchrome

In spite of establishing itself as a specialist for high precision chronographs, Rado always focused on associating itself with the dressier side of the spectrum. But it went out of the box by bringing in Rado Hyperchrome in the market. Today, this splendid timepiece is considered to be a symbol for tough build, precision, and functionality.

Rado True Thinline

The “Rado True Thinline” collection is one of those flagships that the brand highly boasts of. This series entails a range of watches which stay true to the Rado design language that brought fame to the brand in the first place. The Rado True Thinline is a high end line of wrist watches under the True collection. These ultra-thin watches take the elegance of True timepieces to a whole new level.

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