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Radhuni Spice Mix

Radhuni is one amongst the noted spice companies  for complete homemakers in Bangladesh. During this busy, agitated life, folks currently like readymade ingredients in cookery and still get the nice style. The spices of Radhuni offer the homemakers simple cooking and delicious food all directly. With modification of your time the spices process technology has additionally been modified. Radhuni provides shoppers those spices that are made of the chosen raw materials maintaining the best process standards. Radhuni uses state of the art technology for production methods. The manufactory of the corporate contains an advanced laboratory wherever the standard check is accomplished. Radhuni also uses a totally automatic packaging system that ensures zero exposure to external hazard.


At just one occasion individuals had to shop for whole spices and mix them from the market. Many folks don't like this type of mixed spice mill surroundings. To many, the difficulty appeared disturbing. So, Square Food and Beverages Ltd.'s "Radhuni" complete has brought processed spices to the plug. In 2001, Square Food and Beverages introduced processed pulverized spices to the market. Besides turmeric, chilli, coriander, cumin, they're promoting beef spice, chicken spice, host beef spice, halim combine etc. 


Moreover, these packaged spices also are being exported abroad. Once it involves change of state, ingredients square measure the primary priority. Tasty and healthy food will never be made up of inferior ingredients. Radhuni takes special care in choosing the raw materials. The corporate strictly maintains superiority in procuring raw materials by collecting them from those locations wherever the simplest quality raw materials are harvested. Therefore it contributes to the purity and believability of the ultimate product.

Radhuni Basic Spices

If anything comes to mind after mentioning Radhuni then it is about the various basic spices that come in little packages. The prices of these basic spices starts from 26 taka only and it caters to all the social status people. Radhuni has turmeric, chilli, coriander, cumin and panchforon. Spices in Bangladesh can be found anywhere. Every shop or bazaar sells them openly and the prices are also lower than Radhuni. But those spices are not healthy at all. The ingredients in them are dirty and sometimes the businessmen use illegal ways to make more profit which causes various types of health issues and problems. 


Radhuni hand picks each and every spice from their own vendor to support the local farmers. They clean them thoroughly. Then they process them without adding anything harmful and finally pack them. All of these processes are done by machines without any single touch of the human hand. Radhuni basic spices are special in this way and the flavours are so real that it will make the cooking more tasty. 

Radhuni Ready Mix Spices

Radhuni makes the cooking for busy people more easygoing. Now these days, people do not have to buy ingredients individually, rather all they need to do is pick the meat or item for the food and buy a ready mix spice. Radhuni’s ready mix consists of Radhuni Chotpoti Masala, Radhuni Fish Curry, Radhuni Mutton Curry, Radhuni Chicken Roast, Radhuni Beef Masala, Radhuni Murgi, Radhuni Tehari, Radhuni Garam Masala, Radhuni Haleem Masala, Radhuni Tandoori, Radhuni Butter Chicken. Radhuni Ready Mix spices are made from the finest spices without any human touch delivering the home made taste. 


Radhuni Ready Mix spices made the cooking easy for everyone. It saves time and is also efficient. People can cook with them easily and the taste of the food also enriches. Radhuni Ready Mix Spices created an eye opening system which is not only efficient for everyone but also easy to do.

Radhuni Cooking Oil

Radhuni cooking oil includes mustard oil. Just like the spices and other ingredients, Radhuni Mustard oil also generates from hand picked mustard seeds which only gives the best flavour and consistency which only can be obtained from pure mustard oil. Radhuni mustard oil also contains a large amount of mono-unsaturated fatty acid which prevents the high risk of getting cholesterol and keeps people healthy. 

Radhuni Ready Mix Sweets 

Radhuni also has a section for Ready Mix sweet food. Radhuni’s ready mix sweet section includes Falooda Mix and Firni Mix. They also have Radhuni Shemai which is only made from the best ingredients with the expertise of the people. Radhuni firni mix and falooda mix is very easy to make and also it takes less time and energy than usual cooking. 

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  1. Does Radhuni use any artificial ingredients?

-No, Radhuni uses all natural products picked by hand. All the products are processed without any human touch. All the products are sealed and packed by machines. 

  1. Is Radhuni a trustable spice brand?

-Radhuni is one of the oldest and purest spice and ingredients brands. Radhuni is a household name and loved by all.

  1. Which company owns Radhuni?

-Radhuni is owned by Square Food and Beverage Limited. Square Food and Beverage Limited is a renowned company and owns several subsidiaries and Radhuni is one of them.

  1. Where does Radhuni pick their ingredients from?

-Radhuni hand picked each and every product from the local farmers. Radhuni supports the local businessmen and farmers by incorporating their products.

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