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Panasonic has always been a household name for kitchenware and household products. Panasonic has been known for providing the perfect product which is long lasting. Founded in 1918 as a lightbulb socket company, it diverses its product range into many things. Panasonic is not only known for their quality products but also for the top notch service they provide to their customers. Panasonic has been operating globally in 94 countries which is a trustworthy name in Bangladesh. Panasonic uses the technology advances through research and study to create more user friendly products for a better life and better world. 

Panasonic Range of Products

Panasonic has a wide range of products. They have home products as well as the kitchen wares and many more. In the kitchenware section, Panasonic has products like sandwich maker, oven, mixer, grinder, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, air conditioner, geezer, fan, iron, microphone, battery, land phone, hair dryer, hair straightener, hair trimmer, toaster, blu-ray disk, vacuum cleaner, fax machine and many more products. Though Panasonic started their journey as an electric company, their extension really helped to get positive customer feedback as well create fresh new innovation in a sense to use them more efficiently. 


Panasonic Kitchenware

In the wide range of Panasonic products, the kitchenware section is one of the most popular sectors in Bangladesh. Not only because of its wide range of model selection of products but also for the quality of them. Panasonic specializes in creating an unique customer experience allowing them to purchase for the second time and so does their customer service. The prices also vary between the high prices and low prices starting from a low range catering to all sorts of people. Their sandwich maker is unique in its own way of design and category. Next comes the rice cooker. The rice cooker comes in more than five different models catering to the price range of all types of customer and the working style in them also vary.


Panasonic only caters two types of oven which are microwave oven and convection oven. Though the price of these ovens are a little bit much than the usual price. However the ovens are different than other usual brands because their functions are more user friendly and simply better than others. The same scenario applies for the grinder section too but their choices are diverse than usual. Panasonic also has a toaster and mixer creating a complete set for a perfect kitchen.


Panasonic Houseware

Apart from kitchenware, Panasonic houseware items are the most diverse and perfect choice for house owners who are looking for quality products which lasts longer than usual ones. Their housewares include refrigerator, freezer, blu-ray disk, air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, geyser, kettle and ceiling fan. The difference between usual houseware brands and panasonic is that panasonic lasts longer and they provide a lot of user support than other brands. 


Panasonic refrigerator comes in a single door and some with an inverter system making it more approachable. Panasonic also has a wide range of freezers which cools down the food more efficiently and easily. Moreover, their air conditioner system has so many types and varieties that it is really hard to choose from as all of them offer so many things within such a budget that it is not easy to choose the best one as all of them are best in their own system. Panasonic also has a blu-ray disk system that not many of the company offers making them unique. Panasonic vacuum cleaners are perfect for home use and office use and their washing machine surely lives up to the expectation. And lastly, their geyser section has so many diverse products and they also offer a high class ceiling fan and electric kettle alongside iron which is perfect for home use. 


Panasonic Personal Care

Panasonic personal care includes products like trimmer, hair dryers and hair straighteners. Even though they do not have much diversity like houseware or kitchenware, the products in this category are surely different from the others. Panasonic trimmers price starts only at 4000 taka making them accessible for all types of people and as the price goes up so does the functions in them adds. Panasonic hair dryers are also within the budget of the people and has a variety of models. Panasonic hair straightener offers more than usual products and the user experience of it more than any other normal brand. 


Panasonic Office Appliance

Alongside kitchenware, houseware and personal care, Panasonic also offers office appliances for companies products like fax machine, landphone, microphone, cordless phone, mobile phone and battery. Panasonic land phone offers a sim card system making them efficient to use in the office and their cordless phones comes in handy while walking around the office environment. Panasonic also offers microphone for the users so that they enjoy noise free sound system and also the fax machine which is used to contact overseas within a few minute. 


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