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Accept the fact that you’re in the age of Technology. None can think of anything other than the use of technology. A massive part of this modern tech based world is Computer. You need this device in your day to day work at home or office, from official tasks, freelancing, large projects, to watch a movie, listen to songs or gaming. When we think of the best computer brands, we think of MSI. The world class gaming brand is specialised in carrying out heavy tasks. MSI mainly manufactures gaming computers. It also manufactures motherboards and other computer accessories. Ajkerdeal offers some of the best laptops, motherboards and other computer accessories from MSI that you can buy at a cheap price for your home.

Decorated History of MSI

Globally leading gaming computer and accessories brand MSI is the first choice for gamers and heavy workers around the world. MSI gained the trust of gamers through its design and technological innovation. MSI has perfected itself in every aspect to provide the seamless butter like smooth gaming experience to its users. This determination broke all the past records that crowned MSI as the undisputed ‘True Gaming’ brand in the industry.

Micro-Star International Co., Ltd., broadly known as MSI, is a Taiwanese IT company. It manufactures computer hardware and accessories including laptops, desktops, motherboards, graphics cards, and other related accessories for both personal and commercial use.

MSI was established in August, 1986. After its goodwill in Taiwan, the company extended its operation in Mainland China in 2000. Currently it is providing global warranty for its parts in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Australia. Headquarter is situated in Taiwan, and their main manufacturing plant as well. They have operational branches in America, Asia, Europe, Australia and South Africa. MSI is serving over 140 countries worldwide currently.

According to a research by the Topology Research Institute in 2016, MSI had the largest market share in the gaming laptop industry and was the most sold gaming laptop brand globally. Laptop Mag crowned MSI the Best Gaming Laptop Brand in the year 2018 because of its newest edition GS65 Stealth Thin and GE63 Raider RGB.

MSI Products Line

MSI Started its journey with a commitment to the gamers and creators worldwide. At the beginning, MSI grew its reputation in motherboards and graphics cards of computers. As the reputation spread worldwide among the gamers and content creators, MSI expanded its product line from Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Graphics Cards, Motherboards, Peripherals, Case & Components and Dragon Collections to all-in-one PCs, mobile workstations, servers, IPCs, vehicle infotainment solutions and Autonomous Mobility Robot.


MSI manufactures the world’s best gaming laptops. It has an advanced level of expert teams in research and development, design and innovation, and production to bring out the best for you. MSI has dedicated laptops for gaming. Their gaming laptops are GT Titan Series, GS Stealth Series, GE Raider Series, GP Leopard Series, GL Leopard Series, GF Thin Series, Alpha Series, and Bravo Series.

MSI also produces laptops for Content Creation. The content creation laptops include Workstation Series, Creator Series, Workstations, WS Series, and WF Series.

Though MSI is widely popular for gaming and content creation, it also has laptops focusing on Business and Productivity. This category offers laptop series like Summit Series, Prestige Series and Modern Series.


Desktops are usually more powerful and durable for heavy duty tasks and long period use. MSI also offers desktops for those who love to carry out their tasks stationary.  MSI offers Gaming PCs which include Aegis Series, Nightblade Series, Infinite Series, Trident Series, Codex Series, and Meta Series.

The Content Creation PCs series are Creator Series, and Prestige Series.

Besides these, MSI has also produced some of the best VRs Backpack PCs in the industry. There are all-in-one PCs to carry out daily tasks, and Mini PCs that are small and powerful mini-desktops. These mini PCs are intended to serve as HTPC, all-around media PC to use at home, office or anywhere.

Other Hardware and Accessories

Except laptops and desktops MSI also produces Monitors, Graphics Cards, Motherboards, Case & Components, Dragon Collections and accessories such as Keyboard, Mouse, Audio

Controller, Combo, Mouse Pad, Gaming Chair etc.

Among these products MSI laptops and gaming gears are the most popular in Bangladesh.

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