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Cooking & Kitchenware

Cooking has always been a major part of an individual’s life. It took turns in many ways as well as sparked invention to make the process more easier. People always used many products but they were manual and the process was long and lengthy. Over time all these manual products got replaced by electronic kitchenware. From egg beater to stove, everything got more modernized, more time and energy efficient. Electronic kitchenware is not as popular as it is now. 20 years ago there were not much of anything except blenders and ovens. Now, you can find all the relevant kitchenware in Bangladesh. 


Where it all started


From the very beginning Miyako has been a household name in Bangladesh. Every house owns at least one miyako brand product whether it is an oven or blender or anything simple as a sandwich maker. The most interesting fact is that Miyako is actually a Bangladeshi brand owned by Hasib Electronics. In 1976, Ahmed trading started its journey in Bangladesh later referred to as Hasib electronics. At present, Hasib electronics is promoting its merchandise all told over Bangladesh beneath the name of “Miyako'' and “Comet''. Till nowadays, each of those brands have a sturdy presence within the client industry of Bangladesh. Additionally for non-electronic things like - vacuum flasks, plastic wares, aluminium wares etc. Comet is a well known brand in Bangladesh. Later in 2012, the firm started promoting “Sinbo” and "Universal '' branded electronic things and "Diamond" branded Thai Designed aluminium Wares. Other brands of Hasib physics are: Miyako Marketing Company, Naveed Trading Company and Hasib Enterprise. Hasib electronics sources and manufactures its home appliances merchandise from prime factories situated in countries like  Malaysia, China, India, Turkey and Bangladesh. Hasib electronics additionally maintains its own mechanical system in Bangladesh for few of its merchandise


Habib Electronics aka Miyako


The product variety of Hasib electronics under the Miyako brand is huge and indefinite. From electric kettle to electronic doi maker, they source all types of products and the brand value of them in Bangladesh is huge. The products are well finished, easy to use, within customer budget and easy to find made them the most approachable among all the other high end brands. The target customer of Miyako is from all social status and their product diversification is what made them different as they have a vast classification of each specific brand in each specific design. 


Miyako Ovens


The most common product of Miyako is its ovens. Miyako sells all types of oven like a toaster oven, electric oven, microwave oven and convection oven. The price of these ovens starts from 3500 taka which is the price of the toaster oven. The price of Miyako electric oven starts from 5500 taka to 15000 taka making it the most diverse and affordable to the customers. Miyako’s microwave oven starts from 9000 taka to 19000 taka. Microwave ovens are a little bit higher than those two types. Lastly, the price of a convection oven of Miyako starts from 13000 taka. Though Miyako does not have a lot of options on a convection oven but under budget this is one of the best convection ovens


Miyako Blenders


Apart from ovens, another product that Miyako is an extremely popular product and also the very first product that entered the Bangladeshi kitchen is the blenders of Miyako. Miyako’s blenders are hugely popular and budget friendly specially for all people except higher class people. The prices of these blenders starts only at 1900 taka and goes up to 7000 taka comes in many shapes, colors and specifications and can be used in both at home and commercially. They also have a wide range of hand blenders under their company too. 


Miyako Electric Kettle & Iron


Miyakoi’s electric kettle and iron are the best products for the students or bachelors. They are also some of the best within budget products for newlyweds who are looking to make a lovely home under budget. The prices of these electric iron starts from only 800 taka and electric kettle price starts from 1000 taka. You can buy all these budget friendly Miyako products from Ajkerdeal classified easily from anywhere in the country and get it delivered at your desired address.


Miyako Cooking & Kitchenware


Other cooking and kitchenware products that Miyako caters are rice cooker, curry cooker, egg beater, doi maker, sandwich maker, stand mixer, hot plate, digital food scale for weight, hand mixer and chopper-blender. The prices of all these starts from 1000 taka only. Ajkerdeal classified website has all these products at your fingertips.


Miyako Home Appliances


Other than kitchen and cookware, Miyako also has products for your home too. You do not need to check your weight on the roads any more. Buy Miyako weight scale at 999 taka only. Winter in Bangladesh is only getting colder every year and from Ajkerdeal classified buy room heaters easily within your budget. Miyako also has a rechargeable light and fan for your home just under 4000 taka. 


Sell your old Miyako products


Ajkerdeal classified not only sells the brand new miyako products but also a marketplace for sellers who want to sell their old miyako products. Oftentimes, brand new electronic products are not under the of students or newlyweds or for bachelors. But now, you can buy your desired miyako products from Ajkerdeal classified less than the market price and within your budget easily and also you can buy your unused or old products. Ajkerdeal classified is bringing together both buyers and sellers under one roof and created a trusted marketplace for the sellers and buyers. 

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