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Minister Company

The role of electronic content in our daily lives is huge. These merchandise have currently become the essential wants of the folk. Our world has been consistently ever-changing. We've custom-made ourselves to satisfy this speedily ever-changing demand. And with this aim, Minister Hi-Tech Park produced this business in order that by collaborating within the industrialisation method of this country that they are able to bring economic processes and make sensible operating electronic merchandise to satisfy the essential wants of the folk furthermore as create space among the country. 

About Minister Company

Minister Hi-Tech Park Ltd is the quickest growing electronic manufacturer in Bangladesh. Mr. MA Razzak Khan, the founding father of Myone Electronics Limited, established Minister Hi-Tech Park Limited on June 1, 2013. Minister Hi-Tech Park is the latest technology primarily based electronic manufacturer in Bangladesh. The company has come back to appreciate the dignity of the domestic product and as a result, the company has taken the place of the folk of Bangladesh. Things just like the company's world to the folks of the country exaggerated viability. During this world of technology, nobody will think about living while not electronic content. The role of electronic content in our daily lives is huge. These merchandise have currently become the essential wants of the folk. Therefore, to meet these demands, Minister Hi-Tech Park has a tendency to establish an electrical manufacturing company in Gazipur in late 2012.

Products of Minister

Minister is a very hip whole in Bangladesh. It manufactures high-toned home and room appliances for folks. Minister home and room appliances have the very best quality with innovative technology. Also, their distinctive style captures the eyes of the shoppers and makes the natural philosophy enticing to them. CRT TV, LED TV, Refrigerator, Air Conditioning, Fan, Iron, Cooker, Induction Stove, Toaster, Blender, Washer and Sandwich Maker are on the Minister’s list of products, furthermore as more products during this list that are awaiting unveiling. Keeping in mind the getting power of normal folks, it’s product is meant during an approach that has the very best acceptance. It continuously embraces the newest technology and doesn't care regarding our reputable customers. Its dream is that we'll sooner or later export our environment-friendly and highest quality product to the complete world.

Minister Television

Minister Televisions have both CRT and LED system television.  People gave good reviews about Minister television. The key features of this brand are its eye protectiveness and dynamic noise reduction with integrated speaker’s bottom side that gives audio power output of 5W+5W to the sound effects of stereo, music, movie, news and many more. 

Minister Air Conditioner

AC is one among the foremost necessary things in our everyday life. Ac provides absolute comfort. We tend to can’t deem our workplace place not AC. The Minister's two ton AC key options are split white, when installation AC's aren't eligible for return policy. Another quick cooling system comes with 2 ton-24000BTU that provides the cooling capacity of 210-260 SFT, comfy which are in health and style. Minister Split AC gives a 7-years assurance is accessible warranty.

Minister Refrigerator

There are so many fridges accessible to the Minister. The main attractions of these refrigerators are  195 litre capacity , multi-color glass doors with 6A Cooling system. They also work as an energy saving technology, which is  R-600-an Eco-Friendly Refrigerant (Gas). Minister also uses NANO technology and german pu foaming technology opposed plant life door sea. 

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