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Milk Vita

Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited that is also known as Milk Vita is a trustworthy and famous name within the field of the farm trade. Milk Vita produces pure, safe, and sanitary milk and milk products, maintaining international standards so as to confirm the sound health of the citizens. No other company is compatible with Milk vita within the farm trade as they maintain quality from production to distribution. To take care of a diet person’s need to drink a glass of milk everyday and it's the first supply of nutrition for childrens. Before taking traditional food it's terribly necessary for newborn babies. Milk Vita ensures that pure milk from their own farm firm. Milk Vita encompasses a 70 percent market share of liquid milk in Bangladesh. 

History of Milk Vita

Since 1974 Milk Vita has been the name of purity within the field of the dairy farm trade and serving quality milk everywhere the country. Milk Vita merchandise factory-made by the corporate embodies liquid milk, yogurt, cream, powder milk, butter, and ghee. We have a tendency to couldn’t imagine one day while not milk as a result of each family relying on milk for supermolecule and natural fat. Besides, for guest felicitation yoghurt is incredibly common in Bangladesh. Milk Vita merchandise square measure is terribly sanitary and safe, that’s why it takes a large market share in Asian countries. Milk Vita plays a significant role in accomplishing milk demand across the country.


From the last fifty years, Milk Vita occupies Bangladeshi dairy farm market by pure milk and milk-related merchandise that square measure sanitary and reliability. All the merchandise squares measure factory-made at their own mill. today folks square measure a lot of acutely aware concerning health and take a look to bear in mind drinking milk. when scrutiny ,it with alternative Brands, customers would choose Milk Vita attributable to Its complete price. therefore Milk Vita creates market price and customers square measure a great deal loyal concerning their merchandise. This client loyalty helps them to grab a large client base simply

Best of the Best

Milk Vita's authority strictly maintains overall quality and hygienic conditions. Most of the merchandise of Milk Vita square measure is certified by the BSTI, The Government. Authority of The Standards and Quality of merchandise in Bangladesh. The best quality of Milk Vita is to boost the subsidiary financial gain of the poor and obtain the correct value and that they acknowledge them as a warranted market all the year-around. Practiced workforce is appointed in production and that they square measure giving their best to manufacture a top quality product.


You may drink Milk Vita with no hesitation as a result of them giving vaccination to cows against common epidemic diseases. Free insemination service for the cows with deep-frozen humour for upgrading native breed. Fodder Extension services for top yield of milk. Arrangement of balanced cows feed at no-profit-no-loss basis; coaching for higher husbandry practices by the farmers. 

Milk Vita Liquid Milk

Milk Vita liquid milk is the most popular and most common item of the Milk Vita company. Collecting from the local farms daily, all the milk is in the purest of the form. Then the company processed all the liquid milks and sealed them in a packet for the users to consume. Milk Vita liquid milk is easily available everywhere and it is full of nutritious values which keeps people strong and energized. This liquid milk is also perfect for cooking any kind of milk based foods and items. Milk Vita is also known for not using any artificial ingredients in their milk which makes the best among all the other milk items.

Milk Vita Sweets

Even though Milk Vita is known for their liquid milks, they have a wide range of sweet items. All these items are made from the local milk that they collect for their liquid milk production. Milk Vita sweet items include: chocolate, sweet curd, pera sandesh, rasmalai, roshogolla and chanar sandesh. All of these sweet items are made from pure local milk which is cultivated by the milk farmers and supported by Milk Vita. Milk Vita sweets are free from any artificial ingredients or preservatives and the taste of these sweets are also better than any local shops. 

Milk Vita Milk Based Items

Apart from Milk Vita liquid milk and sweets, they have another separate section that is full of milk products. These products include sour curd, labang, matha, full cream milk powder, skimmed milk, ghee and butter. Like the other brands all these products are made from pure local milk and the taste of these are also better than any other local brands. Milk Vita always tries to ensure the best of the quality without adding anything. 

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  1. Is Milk Vita products halal?

-Yes, Milk Vita products are all made from halal components. All the products are in the finest quality.

  1. Where does Milk Vita Collects their products from?

-Milk Vita collects their products from the local dairy farmers. Milk Vita cares about the quality of their products that is why they never compromise with the  ingredients.

  1. Where to found all the Milk Vita products?

-AjkerDeal Classified caters all types or Milk Vita products including the liquid milk. AjkerDeal Classified is a trusted online shopping website where you can find any products you want within a reasonable price. 

  1. What type of company is Milk Vita?

-Milk Vita is a Co-Operative Union Limited Company managed by the Government of Bangladesh. Milk Vita is known for their quality of the products which ensures the best nourishments.

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