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Buy and Sell Micromax Smartphones & Tablets at AjkerDeal Classified 


Micromax Informatics Limited is one of the leading electronics companies in India that delivers smartphones and tablets. Micromax is the tenth largest mobile phone player in the world. Around 2.3 million mobile devices are sold by Micromax every month. Over the past decade, Micromax has become a pioneer in the technology field in India by offering and manufacturing affordable innovations through their product. Micromax has made this possible through large scale adoption of advanced technologies.In India, it is now the second-largest mobile manufacturing company. As a brand, it is really close to the heart of the youth. It celebrates the vibrancies of life and empowerment through its products or product range. Micromax products have become a particular extension of the Indian youth's lifestyle and dynamism. 

The company has provided us many first innovations like thirty-day battery backup, first dual sim dual standby phones, phones with QWERTY keypads, remote control mobile phones & the first quad-core budget smartphone. The brand's product range delivers various models at a budget segment starting from feature-rich, dual-SIM phones, 3G Android smartphones, tablets, LED televisions and data cards. But Micromax smartphones are more popular and known to the masses. You can buy and sell your micromax smartphones at a reasonable price in Bangladesh only at AjkerDeal. So Hurry Up! And grab your best deal at AjkerDeal. 


Get Best Micromax Smartphone Deals at AjkerDeal 

Micromax is the largest Indian mobile manufacturer. It is a major player in the budget segment. Budget Micromax smartphones have radically changed people’s lives. The advent of smartphone technology modernized rural communities. It has paved the way to SMS, text messaging, call, video chat, and apps that allow people to instantly communicate to everyone across the globe. Web surfing has become convenient because of smartphones as they are integrated with mobile browsers that enable them to research and access websites anytime and anywhere. Because of budget Micromax smartphones, people have easy access to information. Even in the budget segment, Micromax offers smartphones with good cameras. Because of having good quality cameras, you do not have to buy a digital camera.  Micromax smartphones are also a source of entertainment including games, music, movies and pdf viewer software. Users can listen to their favourite music and watch movies, read e-books through smartphones. 

Budget Micromax smartphones have paved the way for education digitally as smartphones can aid education. Because of smartphones, access to information has become easy. Children can now have a more interactive learning through watching education videos and playing education applications. Many educational videos are currently available on YouTube. Through smartphones one can simply view those educational contents and prosper in life. 

Because of a smartphone, one can easily surf the internet or search something about a topic. Alongside, smartphones particularly Micromax smartphones can make you productive at an affordable price. Smartphones can perform almost everything with the help of apps. There are over 2.8 million apps in the Play Store that can serve your every query and interest. Micromax smartphones are also equipped with GPS. With GPS you can track your position, locate certain addresses and areas all around the world. GPS tracking has flourished the process of transportation. Micromax smartphones also offer good privacy features where you can do whatever you want without anyone knowing it. You can secure your photos with password or fingerprint id. You can privately send messages to your loved ones without having the fear of anyone knowing it. You can also do monetary transactions through Micromax smartphones. 

Micromax android smartphones are valued for money devices. Micromax smartphones model includes Ione Note, Infinity Note, Infinity N12, Bharat 4 Diwali Edition, Bharat 5 Infinity Edition, Spark Go, Canvas range, Bharat Go and many more which are available at AjkerDeal at best prices. You can choose your favorite Micromax smartphone all under a single click. So get your Micromax at 


Wide Range of Micromax Tablets at an Affordable Price 

Apart from feature phones and smartphones, Micromax also delivers budget tablets. Micromax tablets are lower cost than the rest of the competition and are great consumption devices. They improve workforce mobility while including powerful networking tools. WIth Micromax tablets, note taking is easier than ever. Micromax tablets are light and portable. If you like getting work done on the go, they are perfect devices for you. Tablets are way more convenient than laptops. With wifi and network capability, you can get connectivity anywhere. Being more affordable than a laptop, sometimes you can perform more work than you can do in your regular laptops. Alongside, your business needs, tablets are also excellent portable entertainment systems. They are great for web browning. As a tablet has a larger screen state than a smartphone, you can view more than a smartphone in the display real estate. Micromax tablets are very handy for presentation usage. All range of micromax tablets are available at AjkerDeal, so hurry up and grab your deal.

You can buy and sell Micromax products at good prices here at AjkerDeal. So, grab your best deal at AjkerDeal. 

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