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Founded in 1998, Microlab is dedicated to producing multimedia audio, digital sound, home audio, Hi-Fi sound. For around twenty years, Microlab has paved the way and maintained a high speed and steady development momentum. In 2012, Microlab launched an innovative "net listening technology - no box sound sound", which promoted the innovation of the industry acoustic technology and filled the gap of technology. The sales of Microlab multimedia audio products are growing each year at a rate of 15-20%. The current market coverage is 19%. Microlab has attracted the attention and support of the leaders of the state and provinces and cities, and has received many visits from the leaders of the state and provinces and cities to visit the company. Microlab delivers multimedia speakers, portable bluetooth speakers, Hi-Fi speakers, monitor speakers, headsets and earphones, soundbar and home theatre. All Microlab products are available here at AjkerDeal at a value for money deal. Get your favourite Microlab only at AjkerDeal. 

Microlab Multimedia Speakers

Microlab multimedia speakers like Bottle Wine come with an artistic 2.1 multimedia speaker ideal for wireless entertainment. With Bottlewine playing the music, it delivers body and soul relaxation. Rather than a pure speaker system, it’s an exquisite artwork to your home decor. Featured with Bluetooth 4.0, Bottlewine enables music streaming from Bluetooth enabled devices. Built-in high quality amplifiers provide a powerful drive for uncolored sound reproduction. With full quality audio performance, Bottlewine emerges into a feast of music. Features include high class 2.1 bluetooth multimedia speaker for home entertainment, built in amplifier for powerful and high-performance sound reproduction, bottle designed satellites attractive with LED light on the top, subwoofer with big cabinet for strong bass effects, 3.5 mm stereo output supports earphone jack in. Microlab Micmusic is equipped with a fascinating 2.1 multimedia speaker system with wireless streaming technology. With Micmusic, you can feel the nostalgia surrounding the whole room. Microlab T series multimedia speakers are high quality gaming speakers developed keeping gamers in mind. Bluetooth technology delivers wireless sound entertainment and three frequency drivers for full-range audio sound performances. 


Microlab Portable Bluetooth Speakers 

Popular models of Microlab bluetooth speakers include Lighthouse series, Magicup, T5, D26, MD214, D21 and MD 118. Lighthouse speakers are multi-functional, portable, outdoor speakers featuring novel design and the latest wireless technology. Lighthouse is built to be the perfect gadget for all of your outdoor adventures.  Magicup is a small Bluetooth speaker focused on young groups. The cup shape design can deliver a lot of refreshment. With the latest TWS technology, you get true stereo sound in one single unit or a pair of speakers.  T series is a stylish portable Bluetooth speaker with sleek aluminum alloy metal shell. It can wirelessly connect to smart phones, tablets, PCs and other digital devices via Bluetooth. Small stereo system with two quality speaker drivers. 


Microlab Hi-Fi Speakers 

Microlab Hi-Fi speakers are multimedia speaker systems with compact appearance. Designed with a powerful analog amplifier to produce high fidelity quality sound, the system is capable of producing perfect HiFi sound for your music appreciation. Constructed with compact size for perfect match with your computer room, study or living room, it brings a feast of sound with minimum distortion. With RCA interface available for most audio sources, the system brings various music reproduction.With excellent performance of sound effect, the system is perfect for all music lovers and audiophiles for fantastic entertainment. Popular models of Hi-Fi speakers include X1, X3, X5, X6. 


Microlab Monitor Speakers

Microlab Monitor speakers are ideal for quality wireless entertainment with Bluetooth streaming technology and high fidelity stereo sound. The slope design of the front panel makes sound deliver directly to one's ears.  


Microlab Headset and Earphones 

Microlab delivers gaming and non-gaming headphones and earphones which include Necklace 200, Bolt 200, Bolt 100, Mogul, Trekker 300, Trekker 200, Outlander 300, G5, G4, T3 and other models. Necklace 200 is a stylish designed necklace Bluetooth headphone for business travelers. Featuring active noise cancellation technology, it delivers pure CD-like sound with optimized noise isolation. It intelligently reduces ambient noises to keep you in a quiet environment while you're travelling in a flight or train. With built-in magnets to attach like a necklace, no need to worry about running in a rush while wearing. Bolt line of earphones are perfectly fit for your workout time. This ergonomic designed earbuds can well fix in your ear canal with no sense of uncomfortable pressure at all, which also largely reduces the ambient noises. G series is a multi-channel omnidirectional gaming headset for your furious battling in the game. Featuring the innovative dual engine dynamic spread spectrum technology, sound positioning is tremendously accurate. You'll never miss any enemy in all directions. With a quality microphone, you'll have a smooth conversation with your team players and thoroughly immerse in the gaming. While playing, the blue breathing light also gets you into the battle with all guts. 


Microlab Soundbar and Home Theatres

Microlab soundbars are compact but powerful. With 2 full-range speakers and 2 passive radiators, Microlab soundbar gives you the most thrilling home entertainment featuring rich, deep bass and detailed sound. It allows music streaming via Bluetooth. The angled design brings you optimal hearing experience while watching your favorite TV shows or movies. It can be put on TV shelves or even mounted on the wall to save more room at home. Microlab E series and C series home theaters are designed to bring you the luxury home theater entertainment. With exceptionally accurate and clear sound reproduction from an aesthetically pleasing design, each model is specifically engineered to provide superb acoustic performance. 


Microlab is one of the most popular brands for your Audio experience. AjkerDeal delivers a wide range of Microlab products that fit your needs and style. You can choose from a huge range of your Microlab products only at AjkerDeal. So, Hurry Up! And get yours. 


FAQs on Compact and Powerful Microlab Speakers 

Question: What is Microlab known for?

Answer: Microlab is commonly known for its multimedia audio, digital sound, home audio, HiFi sound range of products. 


Question: Can I mount Microlab Soundbars on my wall?

Answer: Microlab Soundbars come with a wall mounting option. As they deliver optimal hearing experience you can emerge in the sound from any corner of your room. 


Question: Does Microlab offer Gaming headphones?

Answer: Microlab G series offers a multi-channel omnidirectional gaming headset for your furious battling in the game. Featuring the innovative dual engine dynamic spread spectrum technology, sound positioning is tremendously accurate.


Question: Which Microlab speaker I should choose for day to day bluetooth connection? 

Answer: If you want to connect through Bluetooth, Microlab Portable Speakers should definitely be your choice as you can move your speaker very easily and with bluetooth you can wirelessly connect to smart phones, tablets, PCs. 

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