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Today, technology has taken over almost all the aspects of our lives. With the blessing of the latest innovations, it has made our lives easy and convenient. Recognizing this wind of change, a lot of forward thinking organizations have started working on a number of different sectors to ensure a better living standard for people all around. Mahindra is one of those companies, which have been contributing directly to make life easier and happier for you.

A few words for Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited is a world famous India based Multinational Corporation, which is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The company was established in 1945 in the name “Muhammad & Mahindra”, and later on it was renamed as Mahindra and Mahindra. The company is regarded as one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in India, in terms of production. Also, it is considered to be the largest manufacturer of tractors in the whole world. The company is a part of Mahindra Group, which is an Indian conglomerate. In 2018, Mahindra was ranked 17th on a list of India’s top companies by Fortune India 500.

Mahindra Two Wheelers

Mahindra always works for enhancing the two wheeler experience for the customers. Since the company got into manufacturing two wheelers in 2008, it has been building a range of two wheelers which offer you distinctive style, great mileage and superior ride performance even on the toughest roads. The two wheeler series of Mahindra includes Scoot, BSA Jawa, and Peugeot Motorcycles.


Mahindra is the company that introduced the first utility vehicle to India. With an indomitable desire to keep identifying ways of enhancing the automotive experience, the company has pushed itself to foray into electric vehicles, SUVs, pickups, and commercial vehicles. Today, Mahindra’s automotive products are widely appreciated for their incredibleness with reliability, durability, environment friendliness, and fuel efficiency.

Truck and Buses

Mahindra trucks and buses are made in a way in which they can easily deal with rough terrains, unpredictable weather, and unpaved paths. These trucks and buses are made in India, and they are made to comply with the European safety standards. They come in state of the art M-Power engines. No matter what shape or size you go for, you can always stay sure of receiving something great!

Farm Equipment

Farm prosperity remains at the core of any agriculture related endeavours. Considering this aspect, Mahindra has come up with a number of tough and durable tractors, which promised to raise productivity in any farm across all continents on the earth. With the best quality products, Mahindra has been winning the positions of world's largest selling tractor brand and India's number 1 tractor maker for more than three decades.


You might be surprised to know that when Mahindra was founded in 1945, it started its journey as a Steel trading company. Still now, the company keeps on blazing new trails in the Steel business, with an active presence in specialty steel making, processing and trading. Mahindra Sanyo Steel (which was earlier known as MUSCO), is a tri-party venture between Mahindra, Sanyo and Mitsui. It is known as India’s largest maker of alloy and specialty steels. Mahindra Intertrade on the other hand is India’s largest non-captive steel processor in the organized sector, which is catering to the needs of a variety of customers in the automotive, non-automotive and power industries.            

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