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Food is the most essential of our lives. And, when we say “food” we think of delicious foods cooked in front of us. Yes, cooking is not just filling our hungry stomach these days, cooking has become an art. Whether you are an artist or a regular home cook, you need different accessories in your kitchen. Chopper and blender is one of the must-haves in any modern kitchen these days. It is the kitchen accessories that will ease your work a number of times. There are many brands that offer different types of blender, mixer, juicer and chopper. One of the best blenders manufactured for the kitchen so far is the Magic bullet. The Magic bullet is one of a kind that is dedicated to cooking assistance. Every home chef or professional should have one for their ease of kitchen tasks like chopping, cutting, grinding vegetables, meat, fruits, spices or any other cooking ingredients. Now you can buy used blenders from the largest buy and sell online marketplace in Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal Classified.

The story of Magic Bullet

Magic bullet is one of the most successful and unique creations of Homeland Housewares, which is a concern of the American company Alchemy Worldwide. Magic Bullet is a compact sized blender machine, especially designed for the kitchen.

Magic Bullet is first introduced and widely marketed through Television infomercial, AKA informative commercials, in America. Later it spreads globally to more than 50 countries. 

The design of the machine, its accessories and the attachments is registered to the US Patents under the company Alchemy Worldwide. In the early 1960s Phillips designed an electric coffee grinder. Years later, the magic bullet has been introduced with the same concept and a few modifications.

Attachments of the Basic Magic Bullet

Magic bullet is a perfect replacement for old fashioned big sized blender, food processor, and electric juicer. It is designed as a personal blender with an intention to save the user's kitchen space and replace all those blenders, and food processors alone.

There are a number of attachments with the magic bullet are: The cross blade to chop foods and crush ice, one short mixing cup and one tall cup, two handled cups known as Party mugs to be used to blend personal drinks, and lids to store them for later, and, an instruction manual with a recipe book too. There are some other accessories including a screw-on flat blade that is used for chopping and whipping, a full sized blender pitcher, and a manual juice extractor.

Available Variants of Magic Bullet

Besides the basic Magic Bullet, a limited retail version named as “Magic Bullet Single Shot+ is also available in the market. Some other variants are Magic Bullet2Go, Bullet Mini, Bullet Express, Baby Bullet, NutriBullet, Party Bullet and the Dessert Bullet.

Manufactured and marketed in 2017, the Nutribullet Balance is a Bluetooth enabled variant that works with an app to track calories of the ingredients processed with that variant.  The company also made an app that helps a variety of recipes to its users.

Features of Magic Bullet Magic Bullet Hi-Speed Blender and Mixer System

Currently, the most available in Bangladeshi market, 21-Piece Set Hi speed Blender, Mixer & Food Processor. It is said to be the best companion in the kitchen. 

You can Chop, Mix, Blend, Whip, Grind, and Mince your food, literally any food with this Blender and Mixer system. It is versatile, very handy, and very compact in size. This blender can finish any of your chopping and grinding under 10-15 seconds. These attachments are dishwasher safe, and very easy to clean.

The 21 PCs set contains: 1 PC High Torque Power Base, 1 tall and 1 short bullet cups. 1 cross blade and one short flat blade. 1 shaker top and one steamer, resealable lids 2 PCs, 4 party mugs, 1 bullet blender with lid, 1 juice extractor, and a user guide with recipe book

The 21-Piece set comes as a full package that you won’t need any other blender, mixed, grinder, chopper or food processor in your kitchen. As you know, the power base ensures the chopping speed, quality of the machine. Magic bullet has a high torque power base for smooth function. One interesting fact is that this machine has no power button. You don’t have to switch power on or off or, increase or decrease power. It works automatically. The cross blade is to chop, grate and blend foods like cheese, meat or garlic. The flat blade is for whipping or grinding hard ingredients. These stainless steel made blades are safe to use and need no sharpening. The magic cups are so unique that they are designed to increase the effectiveness of the machine. All of the containers are dishwasher and microwave safe so that you can use them to process foods, and cook in your oven at once. There are tops that you can use to shake your drinks. You can also use the tops for steaming foods in the microwave oven. Re-sealable Lids are the perfect replacements of other storage containers to keep the leftover foods fresh. They can be used to reseal the cups or the party mugs to keep the foods fresh for days. The mugs are intended to blend your juice and serve it instantly in the same mug. They have colorful lip rings to distinguish your mug from others. The blender is used to blend your soft ingredients, and the juice extractor kit is for making fruit juices instantly.

So, it is undoubtedly the best companion that everyone should have in their kitchen.

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