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Every child or every person in South East Asian countries like Bangladesh, India,Pakistan, Indonesia or Malaysia has tasted Maggi products at least once in their life. Whether it is instant noodles or soup or even Maggi magic masala. Having spread widely in South Asia, Maggi was founded in Switzerland in 1884. It was founded by Julius Maggi. Later in 1947, Maggi was acquired by Nestle and since then, it has been running under Nestle. The main attraction of Maggi products is that they can be cooked easily within few minutes and they do not need much ingredients too as they come with their own masala

Maggi Products

Maggi has several products right now in Bangladesh. However, Maggi instant noodles are the main products. Students, bachelors, house party, snacks people use Maggi instant noodles for all these. Maggi instant noodles come in various flavours to fulfil the flavour choice of various people at once. Maggi Masala Noodles, Maggi Curry Noodles, Maggi Masala Blast and Maggi Fusian Bangkok Sweet Chilli are the flavours of Maggi instant Noodles. 


Maggi instant soups also come in different flavours also. There are four flavours of Maggi soup. Maggi corn soup, Maggi Thai soup, Maggi corn with chicken flavour and lastly Maggi vegetable. All these noodles are unique in their own way. Maggi also has a section for soya sauce which was designed after the gourmet Maggi soya sauce that was designed by Julius Maggi himself. Maggi also has an Oyster Sauce bottle too. Apart from soup, sauce and instant noodles, Maggi has two types of masala which are Maggi magic masala and Maggi Shad E Magic masala. 

Maggi & Instant Noodles

Maggis is the first company that brought the instant noodles concept in Bangladesh and later several companies followed that foot step. There are more than five companies right now in the market selling the instant noodles but people prefer the maggi instant noodles over anything. Maggi instant noodles comes with a noodles bar and masala packet and it only takes about 2-3 minutes to boil and ready to eat. Maggi instant noodles is a snack choice for children and also for sick people. The taste is similar to the spicy taste of Bangladesh making it more and more approachable to the consumers.

Maggi Masala Noodles

Maggi Masala noodles is the first flavour of Maggi in Bangladesh which later devolved into several recipes and modified according to the taste bud of the people. People can buy a single packet or 4 packet package. They also have a family packet of 8 unit noodles. The tastemaker consists of the traditional popular ingredients typically found in households, such as turmeric, pepper, coriander, ginger, etc. Besides, adding colorful vegetables also  boosts the taste of the noodles bowl.

Maggi Curry Noodles

Maggi curry noodles came after Maggi masala noodles which is a more modified version of that noodles. The flavour of these is more of a curry taste to give a kick in the palette. Just like other noodles packages, it can also be found in a single pack or 4 units of packaging. And obviously the 8 unit family package is available for every flavour. 

Maggi Masala Blast

Maggi Masala blast is much more flavourful and more of a bigger spicy palette. Overall the structural design and packaging of these noodles is similar to the other two types.Maggi Masala Blast is luscious and spicy noodles particularly for the teenagers who prefer to have hot and spicy foods. Like our masala vary, this variant is additionally fortified with vitamin A factor and Iodine. Besides, its distinctive tastemaker consists of the ingredients that customers grasp and love like red chilly, turmeric, black pepper, onion, ginger and cardamom sourced from each home and abroad.

Maggi Fusian Bangkok Sweet Chilli

This flavour of Maggi instant noodles launched in 2020 which is totally different than any other flavour in the section of Maggi instant noodles. Inspired from the street-style flavors of port, one of the world’s most famed cookery destinations, Maggi has launched a brand new Maggi Fusian Noodles in port Sweet Chili flavor. It's a fusion of spicy red chili complimented by sweet notes of ginger & lemongrass. This flavor can actually tingle your taste bud!

Maggi Soup

Maggi soups are ready-to-cook dehydrated soups that facilitate families fancy balanced light-weight meals a day. In between meals, it is a healthy substitute to cooked food/snacks, and you'll build it even healthier by adding recent vegetables with a fancy heat bowl of delicious thai soup with the loved ones. Simple to create, this soup is packed with flavours that's absolute to excite your style buds. Maggi Corn with Chicken Flavours could be a delicious combination of corn and chicken flavour, this soup could be a classic. Add associate degree egg to create this luscious soup a lot more wholesome and pleasant. Maggi vegetable soup is a perfect go-to selection once in would like of one thing that produces your feeling of heat within. With a variety of vibrant vegetables bits, this soup is light-weight however satisfying.

Maggi Masala

Maggi Shaad-e Magic is associated with nursing all-in-one seasoning more at the ultimate stage of change of state. Being the primary of its kind in Bangladesh, MAGGI Shaad-e Magic could be a distinctive mix of cooked spices which may enhance the style of everyday dishes. It captures well-known Bangladeshi spices like cumin, chilli, turmeric, garlic that enriches the style of a large type of ancient Bangladeshi dishes. This simple to use product, is fortified with very important nutrients like vitamin A, Iron and Iodine.

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  1. Is Maggi Safe to eat?

-Yes, Maggi is completely safe to eat. It does not contain any kind of bad ingredients or anything. Besides, Maggi contains Vitamin A, Iodine and so many healthy components to it.

  1. Does Maggi contain Pig Fat?

-Maggi does not contain any Pig Fat or any kind of animal fat. All types of noodles and soups are vegetarian except the chicken flavoured one. Chicken flavoured products are non vegetarian. 

  1. Is Maggi Halal?

-Maggi is totally Halal. It does not contain any animal products except the chicken ones. It is safe to consume Maggi.

  1. Is Maggi Healthy?

-Some might disagree that Maggi is not healthy but Maggi actually contain Vitamin contents such as vitamin A and spicy vitamin contents and also Iodin. Nonetheless it is not unhealthy to eat Maggi.

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