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Logitech Computer Accessories, Always Inspiring for Better

Logitech is an American Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software. It is one of the world's leading manufacturers of input and interface devices for personal computers and other digital products. Logitech offers products like Mice, keyboards, Tablet keyboards, Presentation remotes, Mobile devices (Ipad Keyboards, Ipad Accessories, Tablet Keyboards, Smartphone Accessories), Wireless Charging (Wireless Phone Charger), Streaming Products (Streamcam, Webcam, Streaming Gears) , Smart Home Products, Home Security Cameras, Headsets, Speakers, Video Conferencing accessories at a reasonable price. AjkerDeal offers a wide range of Logitech products you can buy in Bangladesh at a cheap price. You can get any Logitech product with a single click here at AjkerDeal. So, Keep shopping at

Logitech Mice & Keyboard:

Logitech offers a wide range of mice and keyboards for home and professional use. Performance edition of mice is known as MX Performance. There is also an ‘Ergonomic’ line of mice. Logitech offers 3 sizes and fit for mice which are compact, large and ambidextrous so that it fits people of all sizes and ages. In terms of connectivity, USB receiver, Bluetooth or corded mice options are available. Features of mice include rechargeability, silent click without noise, easy-switch technology and programmable buttons. Programme buttons are a huge bonus for gamers and graphics designing professionals. AjkerDeal accommodates all highly reviewed models of Logitech mice and keyboard. In addition, various keyboards such as Ipad keyboards and tablet keyboards are also available. Logitech also offers stylish mice and keyboard combo. Logitech got 3 different keyboard layouts to choose from which are Full Size with Numpad, Compact with Numpad and Minimalist layout keeping all kinds of users in mind. Like mice, keyboards support USB receiver, Bluetooth and corded connectivity options.

Logitech Presentation Remotes:

For a business executive, using a presentation remote is a must to deliver your presentation fluently and without having any slide changing hassle. Using a Presentation remote can make your presentation more intuitive, effortless and eye-catching to the audience. You can move through slides effortlessly while you speak. It adds many abilities which are not simply possible without having a  presentation remote during a presentation. Logitech offers ‘Spotlight’ presentation remote with modern design and strong wireless connectivity. Logitech presentation remotes are compatible with most major presentation software, including PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, and Prezi.

Logitech Headsets:

Logitech offers 3 types of headset products like wired headsets, wireless headsets and headset webcam kit. Logitech wired and wireless headsets are comfortable to use and deliver a long-term usage guarantee with comfortability. You can choose according to your style and fits from stereo headset, mono headset, adjustable headband, padded headband, right-sided microphone, left sided microphone, rotatable microphone, foam ear pads and leatherette ear pads. Features include noise-cancelling microphone feature, on-ear controls and in-line controls. Logitech also provides certified compatibility with Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Jabber and Zoom.

Logitech Home Security Cameras:

Keep your home secure and tight with Logitech home security cameras. It ensures to keep your eye on what matters without missing what’s happening on the sidelines. Logitech home security cameras offer a wide dynamic range that means you catch every detail crystal-clear no matter how bright or dark the environment is. Logitech offers cameras with circle View ability. It is designed with best-in-class Logitech Trueview video technology and provides an ultra wide 180 field of view. Light vision features within Logitech Home Security Cameras are enhanced than the rest of the competition so that you can see even in the dark. Its built in privacy features are always there to give you and your family total peace of mind, inside and out.  

Logitech Streaming Devices:

Logitech streaming devices include stream cam, webcams and other streaming gears. They always deliver excellent image quality, dual microphones option, versatile mounting options, and USB-C connectivity. These features make it the best camera for broadcasting to your favourite streaming platforms. Streamcam helps you broadcast and take your content to the next level and share your passion. Logitech Webcams offer from 720p/30 Fps upto 4K/30fps. It includes features like high dynamic range, adjustable field of view, faster autofocus , tripod thread and lens compatibility. It works with software like Skype, Twitch, Google Meet and others. Logitech has also offered streaming gears like microphones. You can get all kinds of Logitech streaming devices here at AjkerDeal.

Logitech Speakers:

Logitech offers superior bluetooth and computer speakers. Variations within Bluetooth speaker includes stereo speakers, stereo speakers with subwoofer and surround sound systems that can make anyone merge into sound. Logitech speakers offer connectivity options like 3.5 mm input, headphone jack, USB input, Bluetooth, RCA input. Features include control pas, remote control, Bass control, Speakers with DTS/DTS:X.

Logitech G (Gaming Series Product):

Logitech G is the gaming range of the company where it provides gaming mice, gaming mouse pads, gaming keyboards, gaming audio, Game Streaming gear, Driving gear, Gamepads. Logitech G develops flawless wireless and wired gaming mice. They are constantly innovating to make the right one for you. Logitech Gaming devices support faster wireless that is 1 ms report rate and robust lag-free connectivity. Logitech offers gaming keyboards that are built for durability and  delivers high-performance gaming so that each and every keystroke you make is fast and accurate. Logitech G Gaming Mouse Pads have been engineered with maximum consistency and stability. With end-to-end innovation Logitech has huge models of mouse pads. Immersive sound, crystal-clear mics, customizable EQ and optional 7.1 surround are all offered by Logitech Gaming Headsets. It provides everything you need to get into the game and perform. Gaming is always more fun when you share it. Logitech streaming gears can give you enjoyment with driving, flight and space simulators which makes you completely emerge into gaming.

To keep up with the gaming industry, Logitech offers products that are comfortable and reliable to use for top-notch performance. By keeping gamers and non-professionals in mind, AjkerDeal offers a huge range of Logitech products that make you always connected with your personal computer you love. So Hurry up ! and shop at 

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