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Linnex Electronics Products


It is said that Modern world belongs to electronics. Use or electronics products have been a part and parcel of our lives. The demand for major home appliances and small appliances is increasing rapidly in Bangladesh. Many local and international electronics brands have been established as the industry in one of the fastest growing in Bangladesh. There are already established international brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, Hitachi, Miyako and local brands like Walton, Vision, Minister, Linnex as well. Linnex is one of the top Bangladeshi brands providing super quality products and amazing service. Products of Linnex are also available online. You can buy a variety of Linnex electronics from the largest e-commerce marketplace


Story of Linnex

Linnex is an American registered electronics and home appliances brand. The company was founded in 2015. Linnex manufactures consumer electronics such as large home appliances, small appliances, and mobile phones.

The products of Linnex are manufactured in the top Chinese factories from the design provided by the United States. Linnex focuses on affordability, with no compromise in quality and service. Because of the service, Linnex has been popular widely in Bangladesh. The brand has 22 retail outlets in Bangladesh now. With the overwhelming success in Bangladesh, Linnex aims to expand its business globally.


Products Line of Linnex


The USA Registered company is manufacturer of a wide range of electronics appliances and mobile phones. Mentionable products of Linnex are Television, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, and Washing Machine. It also produces small kitchen appliances like Microwave oven, Electric oven, Blender and Mixer, Iron, Sandwich Maker, Roti Maker etc. There are also smartphones and feature phones that Linnex brings at a very affordable price considering the financial state of the mass population of Bangladesh.


Major Appliances


Air Conditioner: Whether it is home or office, Linnex AC provides you the utmost comfort to the inside environment. Innovative split type air conditioners are equipped with the latest technology. It ensures energy saving and faster cooling technology. There is a dual mode of cool and warm that keeps you comfortable in any weather. These air conditioners have an environmentally safe R410 Refrigerant cooling system. With an auto restart function, an inner grooved copper tube ensures the highest quality.

Television: Linnex has high quality smart LED televisions supporting WIFI and connection to smartphones. The colorful LED panel will surely cheer your mind. These televisions are affordable in price. The screen size of the televisions starts from 24” to 55”. You can easily play HD movies on the high resolution screen. These televisions also consume very low power. You can both use them on TV stands and as wall mounted.

Refrigerator: Linnex refrigerator comes with high quality durable materials. These refrigerators keep your vegetables, fruits or other foods fresh for a long time. Metal doors are fungus and bacteria free. These refrigerators have a defrost cooling system. The lock system protects the refrigerators from kids or intruders. Linnex fridges have 10 years of compressor warranty, 5 years spare parts and 1 year service warranty. You can get Linnex refrigerators at a very affordable price without worrying about the quality.


Other Appliances


Other appliances including air cooler, washing machine, Gas Stove, Kitchen Hood, Induction Cooker, Rice Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Roti Maker, Sandwich Maker, Blender, Fan, Electric Iron, Electric Kettle, Microwave Oven, Room Heater, Multimedia Speaker etc. These electronics products are built with high grade materials.

Other than appliances, Linnex manufactures feature phones and smartphones also. Linnex feature phones are very popular among people due to the quality and low price. Large display, torch light, multimedia features, external memory card, large phonebook, strong network, and a large battery all you need are packed with Linnex feature phones.

The smartphones are also a combination of latest technology, and all necessary features. These phones can be found within the range of the lower or middle class people of Bangladesh. Linnex smartphones offer good quality digital cameras, 4G internet, upgraded OS, sensors, and are very stylish and colorful in design.


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