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LG Products at AjkerDeal Classified

Just like any other electronics brand, LG is also popular for its houseware items. LG’s range of products varies in personal or family usage. Being a South Korean electronics brand, LG is immensely popular in its home country as well as in Bangladesh also. It was founded in 1968 as Goldstar and renamed as LG in 1995. It is a multinational country operating over 128 countries eighty three thousand people working here. The main product of LG’s is its washing machine and refrigerators. It is also the world’s second largest LCD television manufacturer.

The main vision for LG is “Innovation For higher Life”. LG is developing its merchandise ceaselessly day by day to confirm an improved life. LG uses the most recent technology to develop their home appliances and that is the explanation LG merchandise square measure totally different from alternative brands. LG is additional valuable, reliable and trustworthy than the other home appliances within the whole world.

LG Products

LG’s main product line is their refrigerator and their washing machines. However, they are also good in the production of many other things such as television, headphones, air conditioner, battery, charger and remote. LG being an electronic company is surely making these things for the users to get that unique sense of operating them smoothly as well as making them long lasting is the reason behind them being one of the most popular electronic brands in Bangladesh. 

LG Refrigerator

LG refrigerator comes in two types. LG refrigerators can hold 200 litres of the semi auto defrost system in a large category. These refrigerators are perfect for any household who wants a bigger vegetable bowl. LG also has a large section, but what takes the key opinion is the mini bar freeze that they offer. Though the mini bar freezer is expensive in many cases, it can be placed anywhere. Due to its smaller size, these freezers can be used in the bedroom or personal office. It has a key lock system which keeps the products safe. Most importantly sick people or patients in the hospital or pharmacies can use them to stock medicines which need a cold environment. 

LG Television & Display

LG is the second largest LCD television manufacturer in the world, meaning that the quality of their television is so good that people kept buying them. The televisions come in many shapes as well as in the curved shape that creates a cinematic experience to the users. LG display is also one of the most promising products of LG company and the prices of these products manufactured starts only from 6000 taka and it is a very great deal for the users such as students and bachelors. 

LG Washing Machine

Just like LG refrigerator, LG washing machines are also a big part of this manufacturing company. LG washing machines come in various shapes and sizes and also differ in their price value too. LG washing machines are a bit expensive compared to the prices of the local brands,  but according to the performance range and user experience LG gives out the most amazing feeling. 

LG Air Conditioner

LG Air Conditioner also comes in different price ranges and value to their worth. These air conditioners are specifically designed in a structured way that gives out the most of the cooling system to the entire room evenly. These air conditioners have dual protection filters with four types of air flow direction control with the wireless LCD. 

LG LCD TV Remote

Unlike the other brands LG also has a specific section of television remotes that they manufactures to sell in a loose way system. This really helps the people who lost their television remote system and want to buy one, but cannot get as television remotes come with the television in a package way. People can easily buy these remotes that start from 500 taka only. 

LG Bluetooth Headset

Just the other products of LG, LG also has a widely large section of Bluetooth headset that people can buy easily. These headphones are without wire so they don't tangle or get mixed up. The Bluetooth system also kicks up as they do not have to be tied up and people can easily listen from a distance too. 

LG Battery

LG being an electronic company, they also have a whole section of battery for mobile. These batteries are long lasting and easy to find. LG batteries are better to use in the phone and they are also within the budget range of the customers.

Sell Your Used LG Products

If you are looking to sell your used LG products and do not have any trusted marketplace, then AjkerDeal Classified is here for you. You can sell your unused products at AjkerDeal Classified easily as it is one of the most trusted selling websites and sell them without any kind of hassle.

Buy LG Products at AjkerDeal Classified

AjkerDeal classified caters so many LG products ranging from the lowest price to higher prices. AjkerDeal classified is the trusted online website where you can buy any products from anywhere in the country and get it delivered within seven working days.


  1. Do Bangladeshi LG products are trustworthy?

-LG products in Bangladesh are all official authentic products. AjkerDeal Classified caters all sorts of authentic original products of LG and it is a trusted marketplace to buy and also to sell products more easily. 

  1. Are LG washing machines more efficient?

-LG washing machines consume less water and time. Besides, LG washing machines are very easy to operate for anyone. All of these perks of LG washing machines are making it more user friendly and perfect for households. 

  1. Is LG a good brand for appliances?

-LG is a very good brand for appliances. LG is a very trustworthy name worldwide and also popular in Bangladesh. LG home appliances are easy to use, more efficient, less time consuming and moreover getting more environment friendly.

  1. How long do LG Bluetooth headphones last?

-LG Bluetooth headsets are rechargeable and can use up to 13-14 hours a day without any hassle. These headsets are easy to use and more convenient to use.

  1. What is the best flat screen TV on the market?

-LG has the best flat screen TV. LG televisions and LCD monitors are the second largest manufactured in the world and one of the best flat screens. LG flat screen televisions are also easy for eyes to watch and also easy to use. 

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