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It is quite a wonder how various contributions of modern technology have made our lives easier and more comfortable than it was ever before. From the daily office tasks to piles of household chores, everything has been simplified by the blessings of modern technology. Konka is one of those amazing brands that have contributed both directly and indirectly to make our lives easier than ever by providing a wide range of modern consumer electronics. The products that Konka offers are manufactured to give you an easy, happy and comfortable life.

A few Words for Konka

Konka Group Co., Ltd. is a world famous Chinese manufacturer of electronics products. The headquarters of the company is in Shenzhen, Guangdong and the company is currently listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. 

The electronics manufacturer company was founded back in 1980 with the name “Shenzhen Konka Electronic Group Co., Ltd.”, and later in 1995 it changed its name to Konka Group Co., Ltd. As of March 2018, Konka has now 4 major subsidiaries, all of which are mainly involved with the production and trade of consumer products like Televisions, refrigerators, digital signage and some other large and important home appliances. All of these products are widely appreciated because of their top notch quality, long lasting performance and affordable price range. 

Konka Television

Konka has quite a diverse collection of televisions in their product line. They have curved TVs, UHD TVs, Smart TVs, LED TVs and projector TVs. You can easily choose from the diverse collection and grab the best one tailoring to your needs and preferences. No matter what model you go for, you can stay sure of getting a premium quality, long lasting performance and one of a kind experience!

Konka Refrigerators

Just like Konka Televisions, Konka Refrigerators also come in a number of different types and models. The different range of Refrigerators Konka offers include combi defrost series, larder defrost series, vertical defrost freezer series, no frost series, chest freezer defrost series, top freezer defrost series, showcase series etc. Konka refrigerators are made to keep your food fresh for days while ensuring no change can take place in their taste. Moreover, these refrigerators are environmentally friendly, which is another reason why it should stay on top of your priority list!

Washing machines

Konka brings in a single tub, twin tub, front loading, top loading washing machines. With a powerful but gentle touch, Konka washing machines are made to provide the perfect cleaning of your favorite clothes.

Other Products

Konka also has some other electronic products, which include smartphones, tablets, audio devices like portable speakers, sound bar, power bank, tablets and many more. These devices and accessories make a proper judgment to the high end product lines of Konka, and provide you the premium performance you crave for.

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  1. How can I get my product fixed if there is any fault in it?

-You need to contact the retailer from where you purchased your product, and they will make the necessary arrangements with us to return your products for servicing.

  1. My remote has been lost; can I get a new one?

-Konka supplies replacement remotes for most of the products. You can use the “contact us” section to send your details and the model of the product, and Konka will get back to you soon.

  1. My brand new TV is not turning on. Why?

-For safety reasons, Konka has designed a main power switch on the back of its TVs, which is located under the bottom edge. Plug in the power cord to the AC power plug and then switches the main power switch located on the back. You will by then see the power light on the front panel, so your TV is now ready to be turned on with the remote.

  1.  Is the price of Konka TVs reasonable?

-Konka is widely famous specially with the mid-level consumers for providing feature packed TVs in an affordable price range. 


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