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Kiam Metal Industries bring a spread of various steel cookery wares in the kitchen. The finished product is thus lovely in that it adorns the kitchen and additionally works as an assist in straightforward and quick cooking. Cooking  is the supreme act of affection toward family, friends, and guests. Believe it or not, it will truly be one among life's simplest pleasures, too provided you are stocked with the correct cookery wares for the work. Kiam assures the standard and industrial standard of their merchandise. Kiam will get the simplest cookery wares for your room at affordable worth. The worth relies on the various varieties and sizes of the merchandise. You'll actually notice it terribly reasonable here.

History of Kiam

Kiam metal industries are the largest kitchen utensil producing trade in Asian countries and manufacturing every kind of preparation utensils that are used as home items. Kiam metal industries are a sister concern of the BRB cluster based in 1990. Kiam metal trade is settled at BSCIC Industrial estate, Kushtia. Kiam metal has been awarded The Trade Business Award-2004 because the best kitchen material in Asian countries for its outstanding contribution within the field of import-substitute product producing. Kiam kitchen utensil product measure offered to shop for on-line at Ajkerdeal Classified, the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh The Kiam products at Ajkerdeal Classified is affordable for each family.

Kiam Products

Kiam was created for the production of Aluminium utensils and cooking utensils for domestic consumption, significantly for folk. Considering the demand of the day, it's wide-ranging its mechanical system and manufacturing all kinds of kitchen utensils like Nonstick utensils, Frypan, Casserole, Karai, Towa, Stew Pan etc. Aluminium utensils like Sauce Pan, Milk Pan, Hari, Kari, Oven Pot, Fry Pan etc. and Pressure Cookers, that area unit imported. They were imported from foreign countries like Europe. However, the house product of Kiam Metal won the warmth of the country folks and currently housewives of our country should buy their fastidious international standard product created by Kiam Metal at an inexpensive value.

Kiam Nonstick Fry Pan

Kiam Nonstick Fry Pan is an exclusive item of Kiam at budgeted price. These fry pans are easy to use and come with a glass lid to make it look more fancier as well as work as a protection. The glass lids are also easy to use and clean. People can cover their food with them or even cook with them on. These lids are safe proofed and come with the pan itself. 

Kiam Pressure Cooker

Kiam Pressure Cooker comes in many different sizes and prices with an individual aluminium lid. Some pressure cookers hold up to 5.5 litre of food in them. The safety valves in them are easy to use and clean. The prices of these pressure cookers also vary depending on their food holdings. People can cook Biryani, Meat. Lentils, Pulao or any kind of food item easily with them and also they are easy to clean. 

Kiam Frying Pan

Just like Kiam Nonstick Fry pan, Kiam Frying Pans are also nonstick, but the difference in them is through the different size and shape of them. These are also known as korai. These frying pans come with their individual glass lid which protects the food and keeps them hot. Besides these lids can also be used while cooking food. Nonstick frying pans are better while cooking food when not to burn them, but keep them crispy enough to eat. 

Kiam Korai

Kiam Korai are also the similar products of Kiam Fry Pan and Kiam Non Stick Frying Pan. Kiam korai’s are slightly bigger and easier to cook food. They are easy to use and easy to clean. 

Kiam Casserole

Kiam Casseroles are deep in size. They are perfect for cooking for a large number of people. These Casseroles are coated with high aluminium and come with a heavy glass lid. With the non stick system in them saves up to 60% of the cooking oil which does not compromise with food but makes it more healthier and perfect to eat. Cooking in these casseroles also saves time and money.  

Kiam 7 Pieces Cookware Set

Kiam 7 pieces cookware set is a whole set of frying pan, casserole pan, korai and nonstick frying pan. These cookware sets are easy to buy for new home owners as they come with all the essential things. People can cook all sorts of food in them easily and it also saves time and money. Not only that, they are also within the budget of people. Their non stick system and thick coating of aluminium saves up to 60% of the cooking oil or oil substances, meaning it is healthy to cook in them. Also their substances make food easy to cook in them easily. 

Kiam Rice Cooker

Kiam Rice Cooker is another one of the best products of Kiam manufacturing. Kiam rice cookers are easy to use, within under budget catering to all types of people. It cooks the rice easily and faster than 

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