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Kent, which is said to be the house of purity, stands as the most trusted brand when it comes to healthcare products as well as home appliances. Water is that primary necessity without which no living being can survive and drinking clean water is equally essential. To have easy access to this clean water all the time, you can get yourself a water purifier from Kent and make sure you and your family members can drink water that is free from all sorts of impurities. Besides, Kent fulfills the need for healthy living by offering health care products.  Kent offers innovative solutions to protect from airborne diseases, pesticides and chemicals that lie in fruits or vegetables, dust and mold in beds and the water purifiers that Kent offer are well equipped and have a plethora of features that help you pick the right one for you and now you can buy Kent water filters of different models online on Ajkerdeal. 

About Kent

Kent, a renowned brand in the field of purifiers, offers a  unique water purifying technology to ensure safe water devoid of all impurities and that too comes in a pocket-friendly price range. Kent purifiers mostly use RO technology in which the reverse osmosis membranes perform to eliminate dissolved impurities of water and some of the models use UV technology as well. When it comes to consider and to judge a water purifier, few aspects appear such as the quality of water that is being received, the purification technology and the storage capacity. The major features of different Kent water purifiers include features like enabling more than 50% RO water recovery, possessing 9 liters of storage capacity, automatic operation, several stages of purification including RO and UV and alarm for filter change and the failure of UV as well. Kent at the same offers a large collection of modern kitchen appliances and other products to make everyday life easier and full of purity.

Water Purifiers

Kent water purifiers come with several distinctive features based on the technologies that have been incorporated. This range includes Next-Gen RO Water Purifiers, Gravity Water Purifiers and UV Water Purifiers. Each of these purifiers comes with a huge variety of models and different price ranges are there based on models and features.

Kent RO has made its position as the leader of the water purification market. It uses its patented multiple water purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS Control that is aimed to resolve impurities, bacteria and viruses to make sure of pure and rich water. This RO technology makes the use of double purification that is effective to purify both the municipal water supply and underground water. Kent possesses a wide variety of UV Water Purifiers and these are easy both to use and disinfect water and in the process do not alter the taste as well as odour. This UV Water Purifier contains a high power UV lamp that disinfects the water and kills viruses, bacteria and cysts. Kent Gravity Water Purifiers offer the finest UF Membrane to halt bacteria and cyst to pass through the membrane. Thus, without using any sorts of chemicals it purifies the water. Also, gravity purification is one of the most effective ways of purifying water where electricity and chemical additives are not required. Another feature that Kent holds is its use of food-grade plastic which is highly durable and non-toxic. The water purifiers come with transparent covers that make the filters visible. There is a storage tank below the filter that indicates the water level. 

Modern Kitchen Appliances

Kent has expanded its area and introduced a wide and amazing unique range of kitchen appliances. The intention here lies to fulfill the needs of homemakers and to let every family taste home-cooked food in a smart as well as a modular way with a sense of purity as well. The range of modern kitchen appliances of Kent offers Pop-up Toaster to make perfect and crispy toasts, Grinder and Blender to prepare fresh beverages and food within minutes, Kent Induction Cooktops to let cook whenever one wants, Kent OTG Ovens for smart and quick cooking, Kent HotAir Fryer to have favourite snack without compromising health and taste, Noodle and Pasta makers to make noodle and pasta within minutes with customized flavours, Atta maker and Bread maker to make bread without any hassles, Cold Pressed Juicer to have healthy and tasty juices without compromising fibres and nutrients, Fryer and Curry Cooker to prepare favourite dishes having the same flavour of slow cooking, Rice Cooker and Steam Cooker to cook rice and other steamed dishes without hassles, Sandwich Toaster to make healthy and tasty sandwiches at home. The home appliance collection also includes Pizza and Omelette Maker,  Electric Kettle, Instant Egg Boiler, Bottles and Flasks, KENT Hot Pot, Chilla and Dosa Maker to make everyday life easier.

Home Water Softeners

Kent offers a great range of Home Water Softeners as hard water contains excessive amounts of magnesium and calcium which causes problems like dry skin, corrosion of bathroom fittings, hair loss, the lesser lifespan of elements of geysers, damage of cloth fibers and so on. Kent’s collection of Home Water Softeners includes Kent Autosoft, Kent Washing Machine Water Softener, Kent Automatic Water Softener, Kent Bathroom Water Softener, Kent Sand Filter and Kent Iron Removal Filter.

Air Purifiers

Kent wants to make sure of an environment that is breathable, dust free, pollen free and smoke free. Based on HEPA Technology that has the capacity of removing 99.7% particulate matter, Kent Air Purifiers ensure refreshing and clean breathable air. Kent ensures to get rid of PM 2.5 pollutants and also ensure the optimum energy level of the body.

Vacuum Cleaners

To keep the home clean, tidy and dust free, Kent offers different sorts of vacuum cleaners as well. These are based on bagless operations and Cyclonis Technology that helps remove pollutants from the indoor environment and this HEPA filter does not let the collected dust to get discharged at the exhaust.

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Kent made its position in the market of water purification. They offer the best kinds of water purifiers in the market. Now you can find these products online through browsing our website. So now have a look at the products and place an order for the most suitable one among this wide variety of products with unique specifications that Kent offers. All these products are to make your life easy and comfortable and it becomes easier more comfortable when these are available online. Ajkerdeal, being the largest buy and sell marketplace online in Bangladesh, provides a wide variety of home appliances and electronic products and tries its best to make your household works easier. Get access to the best quality products of Kent from the largest online shopping platform of Ajkerdeal Ajkerdeal is offering you thousands of authentic products to buy and sell online at the lowest price and inviting you to have a great experience of shopping with us. Make your shopping easier and more delightful with our exclusive offers and discounts.

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