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Everyone possesses passion and interest and that is where the uniqueness of individuals lies. Joyroom knows the value of one's passion and interest. That is why the brand brings perfect ways to express and enjoy what you are, who you are, what you are passionate about. Joyroom provides high-quality products and high-value collection for every hobby, passion, profession, sport or anything that you're interested in. It creates a perfect consumption experience which is also the core vision of Joyroom. Joyroom has successfully executed its vision which is evident through the mass recognition and acceptance from the consumer end. Joyroom has gained huge popularity and wide acceptance simultaneously at home and abroad in recent years. 

About Joyroom

Joyroom is a top-end brand of global consumer electronic products and was established in 2009 under Shenzhen Nito Power Source Technology Co., Ltd. The main product line of the brand is electronic function products, mobile phone related products and creative household products. Joyroom’s headquarter and global marketing center are located in southern China. Joyroom believes in “high-quality resources, high-quality products and high-quality service” which reflects in their collection, product line and customer orientation as well. Since its inception, Joyroom has been expanding all over the world and has established a strong distribution network as well as a sales platform. The brand has made remarkable progress in their domestic e-commerce platform and also in cross-border e-commerce platforms. 

Audio Devices of Joyroom

Joyroom offers high-quality products in their lines of audio devices which includes earphones, speakers, headsets and microphone. Each of these comes with a variety of specifications and ensures an amazing experience with music, phone calls and so on. Earphone models include Joyroom JR-TL8 IPX5 Waterproof HD call TWS Earphone with strong battery life, fingerprint, voice LED digital display TWS Earphone for sport, Joyroom JR-TL5 LED three-power display 3D touch, one-key operation TWS Wireless Earphone and so one. The key features of Joyroom earphones are; it’s clear, comfortable, fully-fitting, lightweight and waterproof ergonomic design, not pressing the ear, not making the ears tired at all, inclusion of intelligent noise reduction technology, filtering noise, high definition (HD) calling, usage of both earphones as the main earphones and can be switched at any time, connecting automatically after the first pairing, senseability within 10 meters and these earphones can be used for 3.5 hours with the first full charge, and with the charging box it can be used for 14 hours. Some of the models offer  fingerprint , voice LED digital display, the battery level of the charging compartment is clear at a glance, intelligent detection, automatically power off after fully charged and new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, strong anti-interference ability, sound almost “0” delay, low power and stable transmission. 

Joyroom speakers are another amazing device from their collection of audio devices. These are  small fuselage design, easy to carry, long press power button to turn on the speakers, left and right channels work together, facilities to connect two speakers to each other, fast connection, stable signal, no cumbersome operation, and zero delays. Besides its 1200MAH polymer battery provides continuous playback for 10 hours along with low energy BT transmission, listening for 30 minutes, charging for 10 minutes and the standby time is about 120 hours. 

Joyroom headsets contain high-quality PU sponge earmuffs, high-quality leather, specific sponge to reduce noise and ensure clear sound quality. These headphones function for both wired and wireless, simple operation, two use modes and free switching. These are freely adjustable to the head type to multiple levels, and the three-axis folding is also convenient for storage. Joyroom Microphones are well equipped for intelligent noise reduction, shielding environmental noise and provide clean sound. These are small, easy to use, portable, perfect for lectures, video vlog shooting, and broadcasting lives,  interview recordings,  program interviews and so on.


Joyroom holders come with a variety of designs and models suited for motorcycles, bicycles and cars. Each device contains its unique specifications. These products offer all-metal locking design, stability, anti-dropping, 360° horizontal rotation, supporting switch between portrait and landscape, thickened base, easy installation, reliability, anti-slip rubber pad, protect the phone from scratch and adjustability that fits versatile phone size. 

Wireless Charger

Joyroom wireless chargers are made of leading technology to change the way of charging and are currently being enjoyed by 50 million users worldwide. These wireless chargers support WPC Qi wireless charging protocol, multi-mode charging, intelligent and safe fast charging for phones. These Zinc alloy made wireless chargers with glass cover are capable of faster heat dissipation and charging temperature control. Joyroom wireless chargers can intelligently identify foreign objects and prevent abnormal occurrences such as over current, short circuit, over-temperature, overcharge and so on. Joyroom offers car chargers and fast charging wireless MP3 players of various features and specifications and you just need to pick the right one for your car.

Personal Care

Joyroom’s personal care range includes mosquito repellent liquid heater and vertical double engine fan. Joyroom mosquito repellent liquid heater cares for the health of the family. It is safe, convenient, energy-saving and intelligent with a 10h timing mode, no sense mute option. The fan of this device rotates to accelerate the diffusion, which can effectively repel mosquitoes in a large range. Vertical double engine fan of Joyroom ensures fast cooling through its vertical double wind wheel fan, double wind force, upper and lower double fan design, double wind superposition, creates low noise due to its structure of the air duct of the aero hydrodynamics, the built-in brushless mute motor and the airflow in and out is smooth and ensures safety. These are safe, stable, convenient, comfortable and come with appealing slender design as well. 

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