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Founded in 1998, Havit offers high-tech enterprise. Havit is mainly an audio expert and innovator of smart devices for entertainment, travel and sport. Since the establishment of the brand, Havit has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of “technological innovation and sering world”. With a “responsible for every product” attitude, Havit insists on independent research and development, original design, and constantly improves every-detail of the product to improve users’ experience. Habit always strives to enable users all over the world to enjoy the technological fun brought by high-quality products. Havit always focuses on good performance brands with cost efficient products. Havit also delivers products under the sub brand Hakii and Gamenote. Hakii. Hakii as a brand currently focused on intelligent and light products sports audio ,whereas, Gamenote is focused on gamers where they deliver for gaming series products creating satisfaction on gaming player’s pursuit of comfort. 


AjkerDeal delivers a wide range of intelligent and light Havit products that serve you for long at an affordable deal with is no-match for the rest of the competition. So, shop your intended Havit product only at AjkerDeal as only AjkerDeal guarantees you quality products. 


Havit Gaming Headset, Keyboard, Mouse and Peripherals

Havit gaming headsets come with proportional appearance and texture that is simple and generous. High magnetic 50 mm speakers with strong sounding quality gives you a sound experience and suitable for players with different head shapes and is tightly wrapped with your ears. Single suspended adjustable headband, ergonomics design and comfortability to wear give you pleasant feeling while you are attached with your gaming. Most of the Havit gaming headsets come with a 3.5mm jack, so that you can plug your headphones. They are even compatible with PS4 and XBOX. They come with an excellent audio driver unit. With strong sound quality, distinct gaming sound and meticulous high and low fractional frequency when listening to music delights you from start to finish. Havit’s H2010d gaming headset is one of the most pristine gaming headsets available in the current market which you can get only at AjkerDeal in Bangladesh. So, get your favourite Havit gaming headset only at AjkerDeal. 


Havit delivers various models of gaming mouse that includes MS10005, MS 1001, MS 1023, MS 1008 RGB backlit, MS 1019, MS 1025 and many other models. You can also get your favorite mouse in the keyboard-mouse combo. Most of the Havit mouses are equipped with four gears of speed indicator lights, cool breathing light design. You can switch your DPI very easily with just a single click to ensure appropriate precision whatever game you are playing. They have an all-in-one fire button. The bottom of the mouse is equipped with 6 counterweight. You can choose from various colors that suit your personality and mood that include black+red, black+blue. All Havit mice come with high precision positioning gaming engines. Havit Mouse that comes with RGB lighting delivers 16 million colorful breathing light effects. Surface of the mouse is anti-slipping with secure and perfect palm fits. 


Havit offers RGB, mechanical, multifunctional and traditional gaming keyboards. Some of them come as a combo.  RGB keyboards come with 12 multimedia keys so that you can control your media without handling your mouse. All key rollovers deliver the best choice for different kinds of game. You can also combine keys to create custom patterns. KB473L Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes combined with professional mechanical blue switches and tactile collisions and sound clicks for the best gaming performance. You are able to adjust the brightness and backlit style as you need. They make you independent with a multimedia button and a rotary volume control button. Popular gaming Keyboard models include  HV-KB432L RGB keyboard, KB275L gaming keyboard, KB 435L Backlit Mechanical keyboard, KB 462L Backlit Mechanical gaming keyboard, KB473L backlit keyboard and many more which are available at AjkerDeal at an affordable price. So shop your favorite Havit keyboard only at AjkerDeal. 

Havit also offers gaming peripherals like gaming speakers, gaming chair, headphone stand, gamepad and heat sink. Havit gaming speakers are small sized but give a heavy bass which does not occupy too many desktop positions. Havit SK563 USB speaker comes with dynamic RGB lighting. Gaming speakers model by Havit includes SK563 USB speaker, SK 565 stereo electronic sports speaker and SK700 stereo electronic sports speaker. On the other hand, Havit gaming chairs are comfortable to seat so that you always focus on your gaming. Havit heatsinks such as gaming cooling pads are durable and perfect in heat dissipation performance. They are combined with a strong cooling system that makes your life keep pace with the times. They are dual USB charging supported and come with an ergonomic design. Multi-height settings to fulfill different preferences is also possible. All of the corners of the cooling pad have been processed carefully so that they will not scratch your laptop. They are compatible for the cooling requirement for all aries of laptops. 

Havit True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Havit true wireless stereo earbuds are IPX5 waterproof. They come with bluetooth 5.0 technology and 6.1 mm dynamic unit to deliver HD sound quality and rich deep bass. Alongside, touch control technology also helps you get rid of the button control mode, no need to worry about hurting your ears. With a charging case you can get upto 16 hours battery life and without case you will get 4.5 hours. They are equipped with a type-C charging port so that you can charge faster without any trouble. Popular models of true wireless Stereo earbuds include I92, I96, I98, TW900, TW901, TW902, TW907, TW915 ANC, TW916, TW 918 ANC, TW920, TW 921 and many more. 


Havit Phone Accessories 

Havit delivers various phone accessories that include multi-functional data cable, charging cable, creative data cable, charging data cable, USB charger, mini power bank and power bank. Havit data cables have a beautiful appearance as they come with two-color modl injection, very thin elbows, high cost performance and equipped with both charging and data transmission. You can choose from balck, red, black green, black and white colors. Havit multifunctional data cable enables you to use your data cable both for data transferring and USB flash drive. Havit wireless chargers are well built and compact that deliver with fast charging capability. Mini power banks and power banks are equipped with various sizes so that you can easily choose your necessary one. 

AjkerDeal offers you a wide range of Havit phone accessories which you can get at a single click. Shop only at AjkerDeal to get your favourite products at an affordable deal. 


FAQs on Intelligent and Light Havit Products 

Question: Why should I get Havit products from AjkerDeal?

Answer: AjkerDeal offers a wide range of Havit products at an affordable price which is no match to its competitors. So, shop your favourite Havit products only from AjkerDeal.

Question: Why Havit power banks better?

Answer: Havit offers double USB output and micro input in power banks. And they come with high quality and full capacity polymer batteries which are safe and durable for long term usage. You can simply rely on Havit products as they are well built and well functioned. 

Question: What is the name of the gaming sub-brand of Habit?

Answer: Under sub-brand Gamenote, it is focused on gamers where they deliver for gaming series products creating satisfaction on gaming player’s pursuit of comfort.

Question: What are the phone accessories that Havit offers?

Answer: Havit delivers various phone accessories that include multi-functional data cable, charging cable, creative data cable, charging data cable, USB charger, mini power bank and power bank. 

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