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Haier has now become a leading global ecological brand and top-selling home appliance company in the world. Haier is committed to continuous and dynamic growth and Haier designs inspire to make home appliances highly functional to make your chores easier and life more livable. The designs are made for the consumers who want to take care of the menial as well as go for meaningful yet stylish. Haier secured its position in the market and has gained worldwide recognition. Haier has been the number one brand for 10 consecutive years from 2009 to 2018 globally in major appliances. 

About Haier

Haier Group Corporation is a Chinese multinational home appliances as well as consumer electronics company. The Headquarter of the company is in Qingdao, China. Haier designs, produces, manufactures and sells a diversified range of products, which include air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers, television and phones. Under Haier Smart Home which is a home appliance brand, has seven global brands; GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, Aqua, Candy, Haier, Leader and casarte. Haier Smart Home and Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd are two listed subsidiaries of Haier.  

Haier Refrigerators

Haier offers refrigerators compatible with any setting of the kitchen, from small space to full size. These are designed with style and featured with integrated handles, innovative interiors, sleek design and LED lighting. Integrated handles appear with sleek designs and mean extra space and no handles create more space and the kitchen feels more spacious. Adjustable and modern glass shelves offer flexible and long-lasting storage solutions, and bright LED bulbs provide energy-efficient lighting, making it easy to see and organize foods. Paired with an unexpected grey and blue accented interior, refrigerators are created to look amazing inside and out. Haier’s latest french door refrigerator comes with a convenient, space-saving and internal water dispenser for cool, filtered water with one simple touch and along with that factory-installed ice maker makes ice without the hassle. Haier’s small space refrigerators are smartly designed and it occupies only the space they need. Haier offers top or bottom mount freezers with standard doors or French doors in a variety of finishes. Compact refrigerators are there too for small spaces like apartments or dorms. 

Single And Double Wall Ovens

Haier’s European convection ovens maintain an even oven temperature. From macarons to mac and cheese, your baking experience is now better when made in Haier wall ovens. Ten cooking modes are available in Haier wall ovens and the European convection makes sure that the heat is distributed thoroughly. The exterior is enhanced by attractive stainless finish and a streamlined LED display makes sure of easy operation with a touch of a finger. 

Haier Microwaves

Haier over-the-range microwaves save space and keep the countertops clutter-free. Haier microwaves come in two sizes 24” and 30”. Both offer LED interior lighting, sensor cooking, recirculating venting with charcoal filters, and easy-to-use LED controls along with other convenient features. Haier’s 30” over-the-range microwave appears smart and performs even smarter. Scan-to-Cook technology is equipped to run through smartphones and SmartHQ app to scan product barcodes and the microwave will automatically cook it to exact brand specifications. The power of voice can also be utilized to extend time or monitor cook times. The 24” OTR microwave fits perfectly above their 24” range and was made just to fit in a smaller kitchen. Sensor cooking takes the guesswork out of microwaving foods by auto-adjusting cook time and power levels. Auto-on venting activates the vent fan if the microwave senses too much heat from the range below.

Haier Dishwasher 

Our 18” and 24” dishwashers are packed with features that make life easier. Haier dishwashers are built to ensure consistently clean dishes. WiFi-enabled to deliver smart controls, users can set the cycle and check it from just about anywhere. Fingerprint resistant stainless and black stainless finishes carry smart looks to the kitchen. The compact dishwasher does the hard work and includes features like auto-sense take the guesswork out of cycle selection, while the hard food disposer and sanitize option provides consistently clean dishes. If the dishwasher is running a cycle or if it’s finished with glowing blue and white lights and also a built-in nightlight adds nighttime convenience. The 24” dishwasher also features an Extra Dry and Wash Zones, which means to have an uncompromising style or functionality. Both their 18” and 24” dishwashers are as smart as they come. WiFi capabilities deliver a smarter way to monitor and control the dishwasher. Cycle status can be checked, rinse agent level can be monitored, and auto-reorder dishwasher pods and all these can be operated through phone or smart home devices.

Electric And Gas Ranges and Over The Range Ventilation Hoods

Haier’s slide-in ranges are designed to give its users a premium experience. These free-standing gas and electric ranges offer convection ovens and a beautifully designed cooktop, which is great for searing steaks and boiling water. Haier’s vent hoods are, of course, highly functional and sleek. They fit perfectly in any kitchen’s style.

Haier Air Conditioner

Haier Air Conditioner ensures to enjoy AC without the noise. Haier’s portable air conditioners can easily move from room to room and be put away between uses. With auto evaporation, excess moisture is removed from the air without you having to empty the unit. Haier offers both single and dual hose options to have this flexibility to choose the right one depending on room size. Haier AC can be wirelessly controlled from the smartphone and through the SmartHQ app, the temperatures can be preset, AC units can be controlled hands-free with voice control and energy consumption level can also be monitored. For a complete comfortable heating and cooling experience, Haier offers ductless mini-split systems that are easy to install, own, and service. These ductless AC systems are energy efficient, maintain stable room temperatures, and help control your home’s air quality.

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