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Google Play Gift Card & Google Chromecast

Google Play Gift Card and Google Chromecast are two items that are available at AjkerDeal Classified. Google Play Gift card is like a rechargeable card which can be bought both digitally and physically. People can use these cards to redeem any paid products such as games, music, apps and many more. Google play gift cards need to be bought with money and then the card can be used with the code given in that which needs to be scratched.

What is a Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play Gift Card was known as Google Play Gift originated from three types of product such as Android Market, Google Music, and Google eBook store. Android Market was proclaimed by Google on 28 August 2008 and was made accessible to users on Oct 22 for everyone. In Nov 2011, Google proclaimed Google Music, a vicinity of the Play Store giving music promotion. In March 2012, Google gave the most size of associate degree app by permitting developers to connect 2 enlargement files to associate degree app's basic transfer every enlargement file with the best size of 2 gigabytes, giving app developers a complete of 4 gigabytes. Moreover, in March 2012, the Android Market was rebranded as Google Play Gift. In 2016, it absolutely was proclaimed that the Google Play Gift Card Store, beside all android apps, would be coming back to Chrome OS in 2016.

How to use Google Play Gift Card?

To use the Google Play Gift card,the cardboard's code will be found on the rear of the card by scratching the gray stripe with a coin. Open the Google Play Gift Store app on the device. Open the menu in the 3 lines within the higher left-hand corner. Scroll down and choose "Redeem."Enter the code. Click on the  "Redeem." Confirming that simply need to alleviate the money. get pleasure from credit. The gifts of Google Play Gift Books can be sent overseas by email. This is known as "digital gifts." In several countries, Google Play Gift cards can be purchased and permit physical stores. To send a digital gift, the receiver should have for Google Play Gift within the same country as the sender at present. People cannot send alternative digital content as gifts or lend the digital quantity to a different account. However, they will be  able to share apps and digital content together with your family together with Google Play Gift Family Library. Google Play Gift cards also can be used for buying music or games or anything related to it. 

What is Google Chromecast TV

Chromecast is a device that can be simply plugged into the TV's HDMI port, battery-powered by a USB cable. For use in the smartphone or pc as a far off management Chromecast needs to have access to video content platforms from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu,etc. It can also be additionally used to stream nearly any reasonable content from the Chrome browser on a laptop computer or PC. Also, Chromecast support is baked right into many apps you already stream from. Once you are not streaming something in Chromecast, it merely posts stunning desktop backgrounds, in its close mode. The chromecast tv has quality dip, though, and a lowered frequency in new art. Google proclaimed that it's creating these changes to cut back stress on information measures, prioritizing traffic for video calls and different a lot of pressing content.

Chromecast technology is additionally a part of the android family. A recent update permits users to perform Chromecast app audio streaming within the background of android tv.

How to use Google Chromecast TV?

Setting-up Chromecast is actually straightforward. The method involves plugging the Chromecast into the TV's HDMI port and an influence supply (either via USB on the TV or a wall outlet), then putting in the Google Home mobile app on your mobile device to start the setup method, and following the app's setup directions. The app can figure out the Chromecast and prompt you to attach it to a similar Wi-Fi network connected to your mobile device. People can conjointly start Chromecast to figure together with their laptop. merely install the Chrome browser on laptop, and so navigate to from the browser to setup Chromecast (or people can be able to quickly install the Google forged extension). 


With Chromecast people will be able to cast movies, TV shows, and photos from cast-enabled apps on automaton smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads. For managing the Chromecast, users need to use the Google Home app or Google solid browser extension. Importantly, there is not any interface and no remote needed - all the management comes from the phone or laptop.

Buy Google Play Gift Card & Chromecast at AjkerDeal Classified

Just like all the other things, AjkerDeal Classified also sells authentic google play gift cards and google chromecast. People from all sectors of the society can buy them easily from the website. These products can be bought from anywhere in the country and can get it delivered within seven working days. 


  1. Is there a monthly fee for using chromecast?

-No, there is no monthly fee for using chromecast except the price to buying the chromecast. However, there will be a monthly fee for using the subscription based content channers or websites. 

  1. How do Google Play cards work?

-Google play cards can be used to buy apps, music, games, tv shows and many more. But they surely can not be used to buy things from physical google stores. It can only be used to buy digital contents.

  1. Can I convert Google Play credit to cash?

-No, Google play credit can not be used to convert into cash directly but the cards can be used to pay for movies, books, music and many more.

  1. Should I unplug chromecast when not in use?

-Chromecast should be unplugged from the power socket and not from HDMI of the TV. It is better to unplug the socket while not using it.

  1. How long will a chromecast last?

-A chromecast lasts about 6 years and after that it is officially the end of the product life cycle. Even if it continues after 6 years, then the product is really well taken care of.

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