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What is Genius

Genius is a famous brand popular for its mouse and keyboard products. It started its operations on  November 3, 1983 by Kys System Corporation based at Taipei, Taiwan. Genius has started their operations The first mouse product of Genius was released in 1983. Apart from all these, the Genius is also known for being environment friendly and relatively under budget for users to use and not to mention the innovativeness of their choice of product.


Specialty of Genius

Being one of the first brands entering the computer technological world, Genius has created brand name for being the best brand under budget for gamers. The products are noise free, easier to use, budget friendly and obviously environmental friendly making it more appealing to the people who are looking for everything under one device. Moreover, they are specially a brand name for gamers. 


Locations of Genius


Genius’s brand office is based in Taipei, Taiwan and continues to expand its business in countries like the United States, Germany, Hong Kong and China with a factory in China over 1000 workers working there to produce the noise-free environment friendly for the budget gamers around the world. People can order their desired genius products from international websites from Ebay and Amazon. As for Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal is exclusively selling the Genius products for the gamers in Bangladesh.

Products of Genius

The products that Genius is offering to its users are a mouse, K.B, digitalize tablet, webcam, DPF.DV, speakers, headset and portable gaming device. The keyboards of Genius are specially made noise free and soft to use continuously. The headsets and earphones are specially built with microphones for the users to communicate with fellow gamers or users at the same time while playing for work. The sound system and policies are specially built in a system where the users can adjust their volume and listening experience according to their choice creating an independent value for the music listeners as well as for the users. 


Genius Users


However, gaming is not the only usage of Genius products. Another great usage for Genius is for video calling and skype. Technology made things easier to communicate and people are continuously communicating overseas whether it is for their work or education or literally for anything. Even now people are working remotely under many international brands. All of these processes are related to computers and computer accessories specially microphone, headset, keyboard. Being a budget friendly and environmentally friendly brand, Genius is one of the most choice brands among the users. 


Genius being Environment Friendly


Technological brands and products are one of the most wastage products in this world. Because of new models and user choice of changing style, hundreds and thousands of products are thrown in the garbage every year and continue to pollute the environment, endangering wildlife as well as for the poor people who live by dumpster diving. The new resolution of the products and brands is now to be more environmentally friendly and reduce carbon footprints. Though it is a must for brands and companies to follow the procedure, only a few of them are actively working. Genius has been actively working in that field for a really long time and continued their progress. Nowadays people are more concerned about the environment and being environmentally friendly than the choice of products. All of these making Genius an ideal brand for the consumers. 


Budget-Friendly Genius 


Gaming accessories and products have always been expensive and not budget-friendly especially the products which were noise-free and easy to use. But made this easier by creating products that are easier to use, noise free and budget-friendly through research and continuously working with the users closely. 


AjkerDeal Classified & Genius

The prices of Genius at Ajkerdeal classified starts from 750 taka upto 5000 taka depending on the configuration of the products and their usage. The portable usb speakers price starts from 999 taka with the audio input of 3.5 mm is one of the best choice to buy usage. Only with 469 gram of weight making it easier for users to move it easily. It can be used for both desktop and laptop. The GENIUS HS-05A Headset has 3.5mm/USB audio jack with a stylish design is perfect for new gamers to start their gaming at 750 taka is another best choice for users. It also comes with a speaker for users to communicate more freely and perfectly with other users. And the mouse under 2000 taka is also perfect for users under budget. Moreover, Genius is a great choice for noob gamers or people who are looking to start their career in gaming. But that is not all, people can also use them professionally. It also has a great variety in their range for varieties of work and for people too. 


Why You should Buy Genius

The simplicity in design, with customer satisfaction products in under budget and also environment friendly is making Genius more compelling to the users and gamers. Even if we do not consider other factors, being environment friendly is alone a great factor to choose this brand and its products. You can find your desired genius products at Ajkerdeal classified easily within your budget. 

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