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General is a famous brand which is owned by Fujitsu General Limited of Japan. The company manufactures as well as markets air conditioners with advanced technology and the best features with accurate specifications. It is one of the best residential and commercial Air Conditioner manufacturers of the world and provides an uppermost service-oriented product. General Air Conditioner is made of modern cooling technology that is not harmful to health. The technology and the equipment used to manufacture these products makes General Air Conditioners from other brands and has established as a world leader in the market of air conditioners. Fujitsu General puts its prime focus on creating high-quality as well as environment friendly products and intends to ensure good comfort and comfortable environment by utilizing the latest air conditioning technology that the company has fostered over the years. The brand is committed to engaged people around the world as well as pave the way for a bright future for the generations to come. 

About General

Fujitsu General has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and has successfully launched a wide series of groundbreaking products since its establishment in 1936. Fujitsu General now holds three primary business lines which are information and communication systems, and electronic devices and air conditioners. Fujitsu General Air Conditioner has huge demands in the market of Bangladesh. Fujitsu General designs, manufactures and markets various units of the air conditioner as well as  humidity control solutions under the General and Fujitsu brands targeting different markets worldwide. General air conditions are manufactured and marketed in India, headquartered in Chennai and another manufacturing unit is in Thailand.  

Window Type Air Conditioner

Fujitsu General window devices combine both the indoor as well as the outdoor units in a single compact model. Hence the installation process has been more inexpensive in the window frame, over a door or directly on the wall. All of the models of Fujitsu General window devices in this range are pre-filled and prepared for installation. 

Split Type Air Conditioner

Fujitsu General offers a wide lineup of products from large living rooms to bedrooms as well as  children’s rooms. Fujitsu General makes the room more comfortable and comes with a wide range of air conditioner models from ceiling wall type with automatic filters and cleaning functions to wall mounted to improve air cleaning function, and these models are designed and equipped for highly efficient operation that conserves electricity. These Split Type Air Conditioner appears with 8 different types which are Wall Mounted, Compact Cassette, Cassette, Floor/Ceiling Universal, Ceiling, Low Static Pressure Duct, Medium Static Pressure Duct and High Static Pressure Duct. 

Multi Split Air Conditioner

The Multi Split air conditioning system of Fujitsu General provides comfort regardless of the situation from home to office and store.  Fujitsu General offers a wide range of indoor units with various models and comfortable space can be provided to match the layout as well as the shape of the room by one outdoor unit. 

Airstage (VRF) and Waterstage (Air to Water)

Airstage (VRF) of Fujitsu General ensures a comfortable space with a diversified range of series variations. VRF is a huge multi system and effectively air conditions a wide variety of spaces from large buildings to personal residences. This system makes these spaces comfortable and aims at high environmental performance, powerful and pleasant operation. Fujitsu General also offers a Waterstage (Air to Water) system in its collection which makes an economical and clean hot water heating system with heat pump.  It is an environment friendly water heating system that applies heat pump technology and collects heat from outdoor air. The clean energy produced by Waterstage delivers comfort to all spaces in the home. 


Ventilation air conditioning systems provide for comfort in a variety of situations from home to office and store. High efficiency and low noise levels are achieved by using a highly efficient heat exchange process and a comfortable air conditioned space is achieved by conveniently selecting whether to use heat exchange or normal ventilation setting according to the requirements of the conditioned space.  

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