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Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company, Fujitsu is one of the world’s most admired companies and also one of the largest IT service providers measured by global IT services revenue. The mission of Fujitsu is to live together for the future through technology and innovation. Fujitsu grabs new challenges by investing in its continuous personal advancement along with creativity.  The main product line of Fujitsu is computing products. Fujitsu and its subsidiaries offer a diversified range of products as well as services which include personal computing, enterprise computing along with x86, SPARC, mainframe compatible server products, storage products, air conditioning, telecommunication and advanced microelectronics. Fujitsu has successfully inspired various enabling breakthroughs in the history of information and communication technologies. 


Story of Fujitsu

Fujitsu is a leading company in the industry of information and communication technology which headquartered in Tokyo. Fujitsu was founded in 1935, under the name of Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing, headquartered in Tokyo. After IBM, Fujitsu holds its second oldest position as an IT company. Fujitsu has imprinted its position in the market through its remarkable achievements and product milestones. Fujitsu started its journey as a telecommunications equipment manufacturer and later on, the company kept expanding and initiated making switching systems as well as transmission equipment aiming at supporting telephone service networks. Over time, Fujitsu became the leading computer manufacturer in Japan. Besides, telecommunications and computers use many parts such as semiconductors and other electronic components and Fujitsu entered the market with these products as well.


Computing Devices

Fujitsu’s high-quality computing device range includes ESPRIMO Desktop PCs, CELSIUS Workstations, LIFEBOOK Notebooks, FUTRO Thin Clients and STYLISTIC Tablets. Fujitsu ensures best-in-class quality equipped with Japanese and German innovative engineering which can be configured to individual needs. Fujitsu tablets ensure enterprise-grade security, data protection as well as manageability. These tablets are built for targeting multiple use cases;  official, industrial, or vertical, complemented by a wide accessory portfolio to individualize the user experience on tablets.  Fujitsu Notebook offers the highest reliability and holds a unique combination of Japanese quality and German engineering. Fully featured and highly expandable Fujitsu ESPRIMO ensures superior reliability and power efficiency to keep energy bills lower and reduce environmental footprint.  Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations are built with professional applications with performance, serviceability,  reliability, expandability and security. These are equipped with NVIDIA, QUADRO, GPUs, Intel, Xeon and CoreTM i CPUs huge memory as well as storage and ensure maximum performance, data integrity and visualization.


Electronic Devices

Fujitsu designs and manufactures Connectors, Keyboards, Mice, Touch Panels, Thermal Printers, KVM Switches, Electronic Control Units, Communication Device (wired and wireless) and other Unit Composite Devices.  Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies produce high-performance computing, semiconductor, networking, automotive, medical, industrial, mobile and other wide variety of systems and devices. Fujitsu Semiconductor Group holds its specialty in manufacturing LSI and providing highly reliable solutions through LSI such as FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) as well as foundry services. 


Peripheral Devices

Fujitsu knows the need for seamless interaction between the user and IT systems and hence, Fujitsu offers a comprehensive range of intuitive, essential accessories covering storage, connectivity, human input, carrying cases, biometric security and multimedia. These products ensure the highest compatibility across Fujitsu systems. Peripheral devices from Fujitsu’s collection includes Fujitsu displays, Fujitsu printers and Fujitsu scanners. Fujitsu displays ensure usability, reliability, user comfort and fit for all environments be it small, medium or large-sized enterprises. Fujitsu has expanded its business venture to cover thermal as well as matrix printing. Fujitsu offers options like paper roll holders, cutters and more reliable printing solutions aiming at a wide variety of markets. Fujitsu scanners facilitate its users to enhance productivity, organize and structure documents, save time and money, share information 


Other Devices

Fujitsu’s other range of devices include car audio and video system, batteries and air conditioners. In-dash displays, cassettes, eclipse commander, equalizer, amplifiers and speakers are offered in the series of car audio and video systems of Fujitsu. Fujitsu offers dry batteries and lithium batteries as well. Fujitsu General produces high quality as well as environment-friendly products that ensure a comfortable environment by utilizing air conditioning technology. This range includes split systems, multi-split systems, airstage VRF, waterstage (air to water), ventilation, wireless LAN control and air deodorizer.


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