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Let’s say, you’re bored, disturbed, or maybe too lazy to do anything else. What would you do? If I were in your shoes, I’d listen to music, or watch a movie. Entertainment has saved us from all those pesky situations around us. When you want to enjoy the fullest of your time you need entertainment devices like audio, video players, speakers, headsets, and more. There are many world famous brands that focus on these entertainment electronics and accessories. Today we are introducing you with one of the leaders in the digital entertainment products industry, the Creative Technology. The company manufactures world class speakers, headphones, earphones, other accessories and peripherals under the brand name Creative. Creative’s products have a huge demand in the Bangladeshi market. These creative products you can buy and sell at the best price online in the largest classified website Ajkerdeal Classified.


History of Creative - Leader in the Multimedia Products Industry

Being at the top of the world, the leader in digital entertainment industry Creative was founded in Singapore in 1981. Vision of Creative is to revolutionize the way people interact with entertainment. Creative is continuously changing digital entertainment with cutting-edge technological advancement for audio solutions, speakers, premium earphones, and portable media devices. The company's innovative idea, top-notch hardware, state-of-the-art technology, and services toward consumers enabled creative to bring out high-quality digital entertainment - anytime, anywhere.

Creative Technology is currently working on several Divisions and Brands namely Cambridge SoundWorks, Creative MuVo, Creative NOMAD, Creative ZEN, E-mu Systems, Sound Blaster, SoundFont, Sensaura, ZiiLABS, and formerly 3dlabs.

This Singaporean multinational technology company has international branch offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, Dublin, and Silicon Valley. The most renowned brand of Creative Technology is Creative Labs, in Silicon Valley, USA. Mainly the brand focuses on design, manufacture and distribution of digitized sound and video boards, multimedia accessories of computers and other digital entertainment devices.


Product Lines of Creative

Creative Labs innovates, designs, manufactures, and distributes multimedia accessories and entertainment products globally. It has a rich product line. We have discussed some of them for you.


Creative Music System sound card

Creative Technology started focusing on language, thus manufacturing softwares for others. Later it focused on music and created the Creative Music System, an add-on card for Personal Computer. After its increased popularity, it was renamed to Game Blaster which paved the way to the development of standalone Sound Blaster sound cards in 1989. Currently Creative produces Sound Blaster including Internal Sound Cards, External USB DAC and Amp, Gaming DAC and Amp, Portable DAC and Amp etc.


Creative Super X-Fi

Latest Innovation - SXFI GAMER USB-C Gaming Headset

X-Fi first launched as X-Fi Sonic Carrier in January 2016. It is integrated with Dolby Atmos surround processing which has an enhanced and upscale sound for its high quality material.

The engine of the Super X-Fi has 7 processors and 14 cores. Local and streaming videos up to 4K 60 fps are supported in this device. Wireless technology is also integrated into it which enables multi-room Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a zero-latency speaker-to-speaker link.



Creative has some of the best quality Bluetooth Speakers in house. The brand also manufactures Portable Speakers, Soundbar Speakers, Multi-channel Speakers, and other Accessories. Developed stylish speakers are one of the core attractions of this brand. These speakers are extremely durable, have high quality sounds, lightweight, and fashionable.


Gaming Headsets

Creative manufactures gaming headsets for serious gamers, focusing on the sound, durability and comfort of long time use. Some of the mentionable headsets are Blaster X Pro Gaming Headsets, Multi-platform Gaming Headsets, PlayStation 4 Gaming Headsets, and Wireless Gaming Headsets.

Other accessories of Creative Labs are Wireless Headphones, Over-ear headphones, In-ear headphones. Other Peripherals and Accessories. You can buy products online at the lowest price from Ajkerdeal.


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