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Let’s assume, you are in a loud place, noises around you. Noises you don’t want to hear, you can’t get out of that place either. What’s the best option you can think of? Yes, right! Earphones! The best possible way to escape from the outside world might be the small electronic gadget hiding in your pocket. Earphones and headphones are the best modern day companions for entertainment, and professional use as well. Besides listening to audio, there are headsets that are combined with headphone and microphone used for communication purpose, and recording audios.

Earphones are the most popular widely used audio accessories in today’s world. They are significantly beneficial not only for listening to music, but also at your work. While you’re busy communicating over the phone is made hands-free with the use of this gadget. In Bangladesh, there are people having more earphones than smartphones. There are many branded headphones available in the market. Cosonic is a Chinese Headphone Brand that offers high quality audio devices (i.e. earphones, headphones, and headsets) at an affordable price. There are earphones specially built for music lovers to use with smartphones, also headsets for gamers and professional audio-video editors.


Some Words About Cosonic - A Brand Empowered with Strength

The Chinese headphone manufacturer brand Cosonic started its operation in January, 1991 in Huizhou. The brand, since then, is focusing on design, development and manufacture and distribution of professional headphones. The company is now a group enterprise known as Guangdong Cosonic Acoustic Technology Co., Ltd. 

A total of 11,000 sq meter of production base and a 4000 of production employees are working under the company. The expert marketing team of Cosonic enabled a significant growth of their headphones making the brand one of the leaders in the headphone industry in China. Currently Cosonic distributes its world class headphones with great customer satisfaction from all over the world.

Continuous research and development has enabled the company to understand the needs of users. With experience over 20 years, Cosonic is thriving to be the best headphone brand globally.


Product Line of Cosonic

Headphones are widely used with Desktop or laptop computers, home theaters, or portable devices like audio players, and mobile phones. Cosonic is a well-known brand of professional headphones in Bangladesh. It offers both wired and wireless headphones for mobile phone users, and heavy gamers with computers. Cosonic builds the best of the best with continuous R&D, high quality material, modern production equipment, and advanced technological integration. Headphones from Cosonic are widely available in the market. You can also buy online at the best price from the largest marketplace in Bangladesh. Cosonic 


Touch Panel Bluetooth Headphones CH-61088

This luxurious model is a wireless bluetooth headphone. Stylish look, amazing touch panel makes it perfect for fancy users. It has laser formed mesh holes, making it comfortable to the user’s ear. Heat pressed seamless earpads will keep your ears cool and painless after a long-time use. Inner side of the top of the headphone is protected with soft protein leather. Micro-USB charging port makes it easy to charge from anywhere. Main body material is high quality ABS, skin and environment friendly. Side touch panel is protected with curvely brushed Die-cast stainless steel. The gesture touch panel supports BT 4.1 version and One-to-two pairing. Transparent buttons with blue fight makes it look more elegant that improves the appearance of its user. 


Cosonic Gaming Headphones CH-6136

CH-6136 is a stylish colorful wired Gaming headphone. The headphone responds to light and vibration according to the audio type which makes it the perfect gaming headphone. White transparent braided wire, gold-plated plug, and soft protein earmuffs ensure the durability and comfort. 2.5 meters long cable enables the user to use it seamlessly from a distance. Colorful body, vibration and lighting effect makes it look more beautiful while using. This headphone is popular to the gamers especially for its sound quality and durability.


Cosonic In-ear Earphones

Cosonic also manufactures a series of in-ear earphones for regular music lovers. These earphones consist of high quality sound with good bass. Cord Length is from 1.5 meters to 2 meters that enables the ease of use while working and putting the audio device in the pocket or on the table. The cord is made of TPU material which ensures the longevity of the earphone. Multi color silicone tips increase the appeal of these earphones. Inside of the earbud has dual-diaphragm / Double magnetic Driver units, and it is protected by Wax-casted stainless steel. These earphones resemble comfort, quality and durability.


Cosonic Noise Cancellation Headphones

Cosonic’s noise cancellation headphones are recommended for people working in crowded places like call centers, or someone making a call outside. These earphones are specially designed for long term use considering the comfort of ears. Protein leather and memory in the earpiece ensures optimum level of comfort. AS 3435 & A53415 Feed forward + Feed Sack Hybrid Mode make the earphone flexible to use. Special flexible PC and genuine leather material in the body makes it durable.


Cosonic Professional Microphones

Cosonic Mk-221 is one of the professional Microphone models. This can be used in the studio, also for voice chat and recording for podcasts. This microphone is very handy and comfortable. It has a special feature of active noise cancellation technology to reduce the noises around you. Crystal clear sound quality makes recording more hassle-free. It can be used with a desktop, laptop or in a studio. High quality build material keeps the user tension-free for a long time.

There are numerous headphones and earphones available in the market. Some tend to buy the best quality regardless of the price, while some look for the cheapest offer available. One should buy earphones comparing the quality with price. According to your budget, look for different models, compare the build quality and user reviews of different brands and models. And, always look for quality over price to get the best performance out of your earphone.


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