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Hair Care


Sampoo is a hair component cleaning product to clean the dirt and unwanted components from hair growth and lock down the nutrients for hairs as well as treat skin conditions and parasites. Shampoo can be many types like bar, wet or dry. Shampoo is usually used on wet in liquid form and lather it down with water to clean the surface. The types of shampoo differ in ingredients as well as the user. One of the most common problems of hair scalp is its dryness resulting in dandruff both in men and women creating problems in day to day life. 


What Causes the Scalp Problem?


Their need to alter a dissimilar answer for variation issues caused on the scalp of various people has helped them accomplish a ton of thankfulness from the clients. Clear comprehends the troubles are different from one individual to the next. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Amino corrosive are the primary mystery fixings utilized in the cleanser for keeping up the correct dampness and jolts of energy for your scalp. The measure of the fixings vary between what is accommodated a female scalp and a male scalp. The female scalp and the male scalp are altogether different in nature, making it a significant worry for the architects to plan the correct elements for the two qualities likewise.


Clear Shampoo: Nothing To Hide


Whenever we face the dandruff problem for both men and women, the only product that comes instantly in our mind is Clear Shampoo. The tagline of clear is “Nothing to hide” meaning a dandruff less scalp made specially for both men and women. Though the product is specialized in being anti dandruff but the expansion of it is much bigger as they also focused on creating scalp which is not only better for nourishment but also for the growth of the hair. Clear focuses on individuals' scalp problems and continuing to work for a universal product. In Bangladesh Clear is known for its mens products like shampoo and conditioner. 

Beginning of Clear


Clear is an individual brand of Unilever launched in 1985. Even though the manufacturer of Clear is a Dutch-British company but it is a french product. Currently clear shampoo is sold world wide in many countries under different names. Among all the other Unilever brands and products, Clear is especially working for creating a sustainable solution for removing the dandruff problem and nonetheless it is succeeding since the beginning. 


How Clear Works?


Clear invariably investigate the issues two-faced by a private relating to their scalp health manufacturing made-to-order solutions for various reasonable scalps. Sebum, a layer of natural oil created by the physical body to stay the scalp moisturized and healthy. A man’s scalp happens to provide additional secretion because of hyperactive fatty glands. Because of this phenomena, the scalp considerably reduces amino alkanoic acid and lowers the amount of ceramide that is liable for weakening the scalp barrier that protects the hair from any reasonable imbalance. Clear Men is meant to formulate the restoration of this scalp barrier and boosts the energy of the scalp to produce the freshness the employment experiences once the use of the developed shampoo.


Issues of Women Scalp


A woman’s scalp loses loads of wetness creating the scalp and also the hair to dry up quicker. In most of the cases, the assembly of secretion is proportionately lower on a woman’s scalp, perhaps because of genes or secretion imbalance etc. because of this, a woman's answer is distinct. A formula is employed that helps to provide additional alcohol, preventing the scalp from desiccation and turning out dandruff or flakes or end roots. This helps regain the scalp’s natural resistance strengthening the hair from root to finish.


How Clear Designs Their Shampoo?


The level of secretion created during a scalp differs for a variety of reasons, genetic, secretion imbalances, humidity, diet, microorganism infections etc. Clear customizes and helps customers to decide on the correct formula for the incompatible issues that occur on your scalp. Clear established their loyalty towards these customers by providing the precise answer a private wants reckoning on the matter. Clear additionally provides customers with tips and ways to keep up a healthy scalp. They encourage customers to use room remedies if nothing works and additionally encourage to require facilitation from consultants if needed.


Avoid Dandruff Problem


To avoid dandruff or treat that, the primary and foremost issue that should be done is finding the cause behind that dandruff as a result of doing that may solve 1/2 the matter and treatment are followed by that. The second issue that must be done is to hydrate the scalp by drinking innumerable water and keeping it wet. Another issue that should be done to stay the dandruff out of the hair is to keep it excess oil free so no unwanted issue builds up there. Natural remedies ought to be accustomed to minimize the loss and drawback of dandruff and last and most significantly is to use anti-dandruff shampoo to treat it.


Clear Shampoo at AjkerDeal Classified


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