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It is really wonderful how technology has affected almost all spheres of our daily lives. From daily household activities to professional office work, technology has blessed our lives in every aspect in one way or another. Casio is one of those companies, which has contributed directly to make a better impact on our lives. For almost eighty years, the company has been successful to come up with quality electronic products, which have made our lives easier and much more comfortable.

A few words for Casio

The full name of Casio is Casio Computer Co., Ltd. It is a Japan-based multinational consumer electronics and commercial electronics company. The headquarters of this company is situated in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. The products that Casio brings to the market include calculators, digital cameras, mobile phones, electronic music instruments, and last but not the least, analog and digital watches.

Casio was founded long ago in 1946. In 1957, it brought into the market an amazing device, which was the world's first entirely-electric compact calculator. The brand was also an early innovator of digital cameras. During the 1980s and 1990s, Casio came up with some affordable home electronic keyboards, which were nothing but surprising delights for musicians. Also, Casio is famous for introducing the world's first mass-produced digital watches.

Casio Calculators

Casio brings in calculators in different product lines. The “Graphing” line calculators are the advanced ones, which are made for educational as well as professional use. The “Fraction and Scientific” line calculators are really intuitive and they are the best options for advanced mathematics. In the “Printing” line you get the convenience of printing out your calculations with a built in printer, fast and quiet. To help teachers to better organize their lessons and activities, there are these “Workbooks”. Letting all be aside, if you are just looking for something for basic calculation at a low price, you can always go for the “Basic” line.

Casio Watches

Like calculators, Casio watches also come with different product lines. The “G-SHOCK” line offers you shock-resistant and tough watches which Casio claims to be “A watch that never breaks.” Casio brings similar watches for women too, in the product line named “G Shock Women” The Baby-G line offers fashion and function for vibrant and active women with stylish, bold, and tough watches. For outdoor enthusiasts, it has Pro Trek and for sports enthusiasts, there is Casio Sports. Also, there are other lines including Casio Vintage, Casio Dress, Casio Classic etc.

Casio Music Instruments

Casio has brought in some of the best quality keyboards and pianos in the market. Some of the most popular models include PRIVIA Digital Pianos, Compact Digital Pianos. Casiotone Keyboards, CT-X Keyboards, and many more.

Casio Projectors

Casio projectors combine laser, a fluorescent element, and LED light with a view to delivering a mercury-free hybrid light source, which can last for almost 20,000 hours while sustaining high brightness. The best thing is, these projectors keep your maintenance cost in the lowest possible range.

Office and Business Equipment

Casio produces some of the most top-notch office and business equipment. These official equipment include label printers, cash registers and many more, all of which are manufactured to make your official tasks easier than ever.


Casio also produces some accessories that are made mainly for its own products. The accessories that Casio produces include replacement label tapes, and accessories for watches, printing calculators, and music instruments.

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