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If you are looking to buy or sell carrier AC online, you have already found one. You can find the best carrier AC deals at Ajkerdeal Classified. Carrier is a global leader in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. The USA based company is providing world class electronics home appliances. Currently, these high class appliances can be found in Bangladesh at a reasonable price.

Story of Carrier Global

Carrier is an American company leading the heating and refrigeration system globally. It started its journey in 1915. But the story began years before this. A young scientist, Dr. Willis Carrier, made an astonishing invention in 1902. He invented the modern air-conditioning system that found the way to control the temperature inside a house. He, along with six other engineers, started developing his new invention afterwards. In 1915, they started a company named Carrier for manufacturing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions. The company first established its factory in New Jersey in 1920. Later the company expanded its operation manufacturing commercial refrigeration systems, and fire and safety equipment. Carrier merged with Affiliated Gas Equipment, Inc. in 1955. Later in 1979, United Technologies acquired Carrier, thus expanding operations even more.

Carrier introduced its first residential air-conditioning system in 1950. Leading in the USA, the company started expanding its business across the globe. It has operations in 51 factories and employees of 53,000 in more than 180 countries in the year 2020. The core value of the company is to approach through innovation.

Carrier is working for environmental sustainability by delivering safe and healthy efficient indoor environments. It is supplying heating, ventilation, refrigeration, fire and safety systems to residences, and commercial solutions as well.

Carrier aims to create a safe and productive environment regardless of the weather outside. The company is working to make the world a better place to live, work and play.

Products of Carrier Available in Bangladesh

With a rich history of innovation over 100 years, Carrier is leading the heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry globally. Because of their use of technology, experience and expertise at what they do, the brand has gained trust to the customers worldwide.

Home Heating and Air Conditioning

Carrier provides from split and central air conditioners to heat pumps and ductless systems. These Air conditioners are highly energy efficient, and reliable. These air conditioners ensure a clean and healthy air inside your house. With integration with an ionizer, carrier AC ensures natural air. Because of the ionization, the polluted air, mostly dust, dirt and smoke are gathered into an electrostatic filter. There is a new technology named as RLD that indicates when there is a leakage in refrigerant. These Air conditioners also have the self cleaning technology to keep the balanced fresh air always. Carrier air conditioners operate quietly making them perfect for home and office use. Not only the operation, these ACs are designed attractively that will increase the interior of the environment. Some of the air conditioner models are, 38KHA012N, 38KHA018N, and 38KHA024N.

Carrier also provides a wide range of air quality solutions such as humidifiers and ventilators. Some other products including UV lamps, air filters and monitors are less available in the country’s market. These products help to reduce allergens and harmful air pollutants from your environment.

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