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Technology has not just helped us to proceed towards a better future; it has also helped us to capture our events and memories of the past. And it has been made possible by the “camera”, which is undoubtedly one of the best technologies that science has ever delivered. When we talk about cameras, some leading brands come to our minds which have initiated unbelievable innovations in various imaging products. Canon is one of those brands, which contributed overwhelmingly to help us be able to capture some of the most precious moments of our lives.

A few Words for Canon

Canon Inc. is a world famous Japanese multinational corporation. The headquarters of this company is situated in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan. The brand specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling different kinds of imaging, optical, and industrial products. The products include cameras, lenses, scanners, printers, medical equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Canon has been pioneering a lot of innovative imaging products for more than 75 years. It is considered to be one of the largest manufacturers of cameras, copiers and printers. In this long journey, the company has successfully maintained its leading position in the imaging industry, by innovating and introducing new technologies and features in their products on a continuous basis.

Canon Digital Cameras

Since 1984, Canon has been manufacturing and distributing some top class and innovative digital cameras. The first Canon digital camera was the RC-701. The RC series was then followed by PowerShot and Digital IXUS series of digital cameras. Canon also developed EOS series of digital and single lens reflex cameras which we mostly know as the DSLRs. Canon DSLR cameras offer the highest level of quality and this is why a lot of high end professionals keep them on top of their priority.

Flash Units

Canon presents a number of high output flash units for the DSLR cameras it comes with. Canon’s high output flash units include 270EX, 320EX, 430EX, 580EX, 580EX II and 600EX-RT Speedlites. The company also manufactures macro flash units like Macro Twin Lite and Macro Ring Lite.

Canon Camcorders

Canon produces some top notch digital camcorders for cinematography and digital uses. The models include Canon EOS-1D C, Canon EOS C100, Canon EOS C100 Mark II, Canon XM1, Canon XM10, Canon XM20 etc.

Canon Image Sensors

For a long period of time, Canon had been working on designing and manufacturing CMOS image sensors for the imaging products they come with. In 2016, Canon decided to start selling those image sensors to some other companies too. Currently, Canon is considered to be the fifth largest image sensor manufacturer in the world.

Canon Printers

For a long time, Canon has been considered to be a principal maker of print engines used in the industry standard laser printers. Some of the most widely known canon printers include Canon LBP-CX, Canon LBP-SX, Canon LBP-LX, Canon LBP-EX, Canon LBP-PX etc.

Digital copiers

In terms of revenue, Canon's largest division is its multi-function copier division. Through the retail outlets, Canon distributes its consumer imageCLASS line of digital copiers. The professional grade copiers are distributed under the ImageRUNNER series.


Canon manufactures a diverse range of flat-bed scanners, document scanners and film scanners for your home and office needs. Some of the scanners come with LED inDirect Exposure or LiDE facility, which allows you to power the scanner just with the USB port requiring no additional power.

Other Products

Canon also offers different ranges of calculators, projectors, presenters, VR headsets, semiconductors, displays and many more. All of these products offer you a great quality and top notch performance.

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