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For generations, Bosch home appliances have contributed to making everyday life even easier and enhance lives by creating tools for a healthy, quiet and stylish home. The company has maintained premium quality by using high-end materials along with first-class expertise. Designs of the products are very functional and pure and it believes there is little room for formal gadgetry.  Bosch’s mission is to enhance everyday lives by developing appliances for a quiet, healthy and stylish home and at the same time appliances that are reliable, efficient and a joy to use and creates more peace of mind. Bosch empowers consumers around the world with thoughtfully and rigorously engineered German technology.

Story of Bosch

In 1886, Robert Bosch founded his first engineering workshop in Stuttgart, Germany, placing the foundation for home appliances that stay supreme in technical perfection, quality and reliability. Bosch’s first electric refrigerator entered the market in 1933. In 1952, their first kitchen machine and, six years later, their first washing machine entered the market. In the late 60s, the world's first combined washer-dryer had been launched in the market and brought ease into the laundry room with a polyester-friendly spin cycle and a non-stop programme. Since its inception, Bosch corporation kept rising successfully and over the decades it established itself as one of the largest entities in the market as well as in the industry of home appliances. As of 2020, Bosch appliances are now manufactured worldwide. The Group’s 40 production sites are located in Asia, Europe, the United States and Latin America. During these roughly one and half centuries of quality-driven engineering, the company evolved into one of Germany's ten largest enterprises and expanded its market operating in more than 150 countries. 

Cooking and Baking

Bosch’s product series of cooking and baking includes an amazing collection of cookers and ovens, hobs, freestanding cookers, microwaves, cooker hoods, warming drawer and contact grill. Bosch brings both a separate oven and a hob that can be independently set according to the needs, and a compact appliance as an ideal solution when space is tight. Whether its an electric cooker with induction hob or a gas cooker with a gas hob Bosch’s free-standing cookers offer complete flexibility. Their compact microwave ovens come with the classic heating methods for baking along with an integrated microwave. Bosch’s large selection of cooker hoods come in a range of sizes and designs. The warming drawers of Bosch are also perfect for slow-cooking meat, proving dough and melting chocolate. Bosch offers multipurpose contact grills that can offer everything. The non-stick angled grill plates come with fat drainage openings that guarantee low-fat grilling as well as can be effortlessly removed for cleaning. These contain two surfaces on each grill plate: a rippled side for grilling and a smooth side for sandwiches.

Washers and Dryers 

When it comes to washing, Bosch believes that only the best is good enough for them. Bosch washing machines make life easier by its automatic programmes and best results with the lowest levels of consumption. With VarioPerfect the user can accelerate the washing process by up to 65% and to wash the laundry economically, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 50%. The patented SelfCleaning Condenser from Bosch utilizes condensation water to automatically clean itself up to 4 times per drying cycle. Besides, Bosch offers another integrated and smart solution by their washer dryers which provides a two-in-one solution in just over 60 cm. This washer dryers will not only wash flawlessly clean, they will also dry perfectly and quickly


The dishwasher range of Bosch comes in two models; free-standing dishwasher and built-in dishwasher. The free-standing dishwashers and built-in dishwasher are capable to precisely meet your expectations and available space.

Fridges and Freezers

Bosch fridge-freezers are made not only to  make everyday life tastier, but also easier. The clear shelving, spacious boxes and ingenious dividers, gently gliding trays and shelves are common attributes of these amazing fridge and freezers. Bosch fridge and freezer comes as freestanding fridge-freezers with freezers at the top, freestanding fridge-freezers with freezers at the bottom, built-in fridge-freezers at the bottom, freestanding fridges without freezer section and side by side fridge and freezers. These diversified models and also the interior design offers the freedom to pick the perfect one for your kitchen.  

Breakfast Helper

Bosch offers coffee machines, tea makers, toasters, contact grill and kettles with innovative technology. Along with barista technology, Vero automatic coffee machines from Bosch creates the finest aroma and an irresistible crema. These coffee machines include DualHeating, the two-part heating and warming system that not only brews the coffee superbly but also keeps it at the ideal temperature afterwards. Bosch contact grills contain barbecue specialities both inside the house and outside and the non-stick grill plates can be used on both sides. The ribbed side is perfect for steaks or grilled sausages, and the smooth side is just suited for toasted sandwiches.

Kitchen Machines and Kitchen Tools 

Bosch offers the perfect kitchen machines and kitchen tools to make household works effortless and hassle free and space-saving. Hand blenders, hand mixers, blenders, choppers, juice extractors and meat mincer come in the series of Bosch kitchen tools. 

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