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Buy and Sell Secure Blackberry Smartphones at AjkerDeal Classified 

Without a smartphone, modern life can not be imagined. Modern smartphones offer all day battery life, superfast processing, LCD & IPS display, great camera , NFC, plenty of storage space. But one thing that other modern smartphone manufacturers can not provide is the maximum level of security that only Blackberry provides. BlackBerry Limited is a Canadian smartphone and security software manufacturer specialising in enterprise software. AjkerDeal offers a wide range of Blackberry smartphones to buy and sell at a reasonable price. So, Hurry Up! And grab the best deal here at AjkerDeal.


Blackberry Smartphones: Most Secure & A Delight to Type On

BlackBerry devices are built to last. Blackberry devices always look unique with their famous qwerty keyboard. The Blackberry keyboard is a delight to type on.  Blackberry produces some of the most secure smartphones on this planet. Blackberry’s superior email delivery system is the biggest advantage that Blackberry has over other smartphones. BlackBerry devices are great and smooth. In recent times, BlackBerry has shifted to their custom flavour of Android while making the android system highly secure with their security focused softwares. BlackBerry has made an android device fully optimized. As Blackberry has its own style Whenever  you see a BlackBerry you immediately recognise it as a BlackBerry, it doesn’t look like any other device. Previously Blackberry had their own operating system known as ‘Blackberry OS’’.  Currently they offer android smartphones with ‘Keyone’ name. Blackberry android devices are the most secure android devices you can buy in the market.  Blackberry is gradually diminishing from smartphone business. But true blackberry lovers still consider and want older Blackberry phones. Here at AjkerDeal you can get new and used Blackberry smartphones at a reasonable price. 

Blackberry Apps for Android Smartphones

Blackberry smartphones come pre-installed with Blackberry Hub+, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, launcher apps particularly made for Blackberry smartphones keeping security in mind. Blackberry Hub connects and syncs with your important data and shows these in a single app. BlackBerry® Hub+ Inbox can always keep you organized, it was first introduced in BBOS 10. Inbox always syncs with all your email, calendar events and social notifications from social media apps like Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp in one single app giving you a greater time management skill. You can also sync your BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox with google served Wear OS to receive notifications and respond directly from your watch. Blackberry Hub+Inbox ensures all of your messages in one location. You can quickly peek at your upcoming events, respond directly to messages with ease. You can also snooze messages so that they reappear later. With Blackberry you can be productive like never before. 

Schedule appointments and create events in BlackBerry Hub+ Calendar app has never been so easy. Agenda view, day view, week view, or month view are available to quickly glance at your events and respond to meeting invitations directly from the BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox. With one tap, you can also call into meetings directly from your event reminder. It also helps to see upcoming events in agenda view  to articulate how busy you are going to be on that particular day. You can also view conflicts to avoid double booking, see all events for the month in month view, join calls directly from a calendar event. Use meeting mode to silence notifications. 

Create and manage contact groups, organize your work and personal contacts in one place, add contacts and all their information, set favourites, and find frequent contacts, create groups and easily start group conversations, select and share specific contact info are all easy with BlackBerry® Hub+ Contacts. Within the app, view your contact details with phone numbers, email addresses, etc. and your interactions with your contacts via calendar events.


Creating notes can help you stay organized. So, create and manage local or synced notes with BlackBerry Hub+ Notes where you can keep track of your to-do lists, and notes for a presentation, or action items from a meeting. Blackberry notes can help you stay organized by managing all your important notes, from family gift ideas to your weekly shopping list. Keep notes organized in one location. You can easily edit notes to update them on the fly.


Blackberry also provides a to do list app namely ‘Tasks’ that works integrated with Blackberry Hub. You can create and manage local or synced tasks with BlackBerry Hub+ Tasks. It Increases your efficiency and productivity by creating to-do lists with due dates alongside receiving reminders to help you meet your deadlines. You can also set reminders so you never miss a deadline. Filter and sort tasks to find them quickly. So create tasks and be organized with your Blackberry smartphone. Check off tasks as you complete them. 


BlackBerry also offers its launcher app that lets you organize apps, widgets, and shortcuts on customized home screen panels that you can access instantly. With just a single click you can send an email or call a friend into a one-click task. Features of Blackberry Launcher include creation of  shortcuts and widgets to your home screen, access all kinds of application widgets with ease. And overall customizing the look and feel of your device. 


Blackberry smartphones are the most secure smartphones on this planet. With Blackberry you can find a true bond with your smartphone that enhances your productivity. Blackberry smartphones are made to make people productive. They enhance your professionalism and style. Find a wide range of Blackberry smartphones to buy here at AjkerDeal. You can also sell your used Blackberry at a good price here. So find and grab your deal quickly at

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