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Buy or Sell Premium Quality Beats Headphones at AjkerDeal

Importance of having quality headphones is the most significant aspect for music lovers. Quality headphones or earphones improve the audio experience significantly. Beats by Dr. Dre, commonly known as Beats, is a world famous brand that creates wired or wireless headphones and earphones. Beats usually have an enhanced bass than your regular branded headphones. These are often louder than the rest of the competition. Main features of Beats include noise cancellation, hassle free music navigation whether it is wired or wireless headphones. Beats offer a better listening experience than the rest. AjkerDeal accommodates a huge collection of Beats headphones and earphones at a cheap price. So, choose your favourite Beats here at AjkerDeal. Not only Beats offer quality sound, also Beats have good looks, great battery life and wireless connectivity specially built to pair with your iOS devices.

Beats offer various headphones namely Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, Solo and Studio range of headphones.

Powerbeats Pro, Designed to Keep with your Toughest Workouts

Powerbeats Pro is truly wireless high-performance earphones that are perfectly designed to keep up with your toughest workouts. It offers up to 9 hours of listening time. With the included charging case, you can get more than 24 hours of combined playback. Need an extra battery life? You do not have to worry a bit about it cause only 5 minutes fast charging capability gives you 1.5 hours of playback even when the battery is low. Spend less time worrying about charging and more time charging forward. Each earbud has up to 9 hours of listening time so you can keep your music going. In addition, It’s sweat & water resistant feature ensures that you can take this out to the gym. It is also adjustable with secure fit ear hooks. Powerbeats Pro earphones are particularly built to transform your workouts. With sturdy wireless connectivity, you’ll always have your music to motivate you, please you depending on your moods. Your music is always at your fingertips. Powerbeats Pro is simply the best workout earbuds out there that sounds like a pro. 

Real athletes always prefer superior sound quality. Powerbeats Pro can deliver powerful-balanced sound with high dynamic range and noise cancelation for a premium listening experience. It has Apple H1 Chip built into it that makes it always stay connected from a distance. It delivers a faster and more stable wireless connection to your device for extended range and fewer dropouts. Perfectly sweat and water resistance design with adjustable and secure-fit ear hooks adds your comfort and stability. With audio sharing feature, you can pair with other Beats headphones or AirPods to one iPhone and enjoy the same song, podcast, or movie along with a friend. Hands-free controls via “Hey Siri '' on iOS devices and voice capability with the push of a single button on a variety of compatible devices.Dedicated call decline button can cut your call in a single tap. Built-in sensors detect when you’ve put the earphones in your ears so that it starts playing music and pause immediately when you take them out. Beats come with a variety of colors to choose from that matches your style and personality.

Beats Studio 3 Wireless, Only Hear your Music

Beats Studio 3 Wireless has active noise cancelling features. With noise cancelling, you only hear your music not the noise surrounding yourself. Active noise cancelling blocks out all distractions so that you can get closer to your music. It is also wirelessly powered. You can get upto 22 hours of battery life. With Fast Fuel technology you can charge in minutes . It only takes a few minutes of charging to get up to 3 hours of play, so you can move into your work quickly. With Beats Studio 3 Wireless, you can enjoy your music without interruption. A single full charge lasts up from 22 hours up to 40 hours while the noise cancelling feature is turned off. With iOS and the Apple W1 chip, one can get stability and quickly connect with your device. Seamless connectivity with your ios device and macbook can help you easily manage from taking a call or watching a movie. With tough bluetooth, you stay connected to your music even when your device isn't nearby. You can choose from different colors available at AjkerDeal at a cheap price.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless: Seamless Music Experience

Beats Solo 3 Wireless includes Apple W1 chip that makes the process efficient and brings seamless setup and switching. It delivers up to 40 hours of battery life, and with Fast Fuel technology feature with a 5-minute charge you can get 3 hours of playback time. With Fast Fuel technology a quick 5-minute charge provides 3 hours of playback to quickly get you back on track. It is driven by the efficiency of the Apple W1 chip. They are very easy to set up. Just hold near your iPhone to simultaneously connect to your Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac. It includes Apple W1 chip features with Class 1 Bluetooth  that offers simultaneous connectivity alongside the industry-leading classification makes it worthy of trust.Your devices are always synced even if you move from place to place. The music keeps going.  

Beats Solo3 Wireless is at the heart of an award-winning Beats sound. Beats headphone delivers premium playback with maximized clarity, breadth, and balance. The cushion cups covering your ears are very comfortable to use and make yourself immerse in sound. They are adjustable and you can customize your fit for all-day listening comfort. With Beats you can experience music you have never experienced before. Mics integrated into Beats allow you to take calls, play music, adjust volume, and activate Siri while on the go. Beats Solo3 Wireless follows true to its predecessor in terms of stability and making statement with bold styling and a streamlined design. They fit naturally and are designed for optimal comfort and sound delivery.


Wireless powered high-performance earphones with comfortable streamlined, round cable and adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks for stability. Sleek design offers sweat & water resistance during tough workouts and makes you ready even on the go. Powerbeats have Integrated on-ear controls for music, phone calls, and voice capability so that you can take your important calls, skip songs, and adjust volume directly from the earbud. 

Beats headphones are ready to go wherever you are. AjkerDeal offers a number of Beats headphones to choose from at a cheap price. So visit and pick your favourite Beats at a single click. 

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