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BD Foods

Every house enjoys a snack within the evening with family. BD Food Ltd. brings such a lot of choices in snack things and different preparation ingredients. Now, get delicious foods from home and without the fear, concerning the standard and nutrition. During this busy, agitated life, folks currently like fast buying preparation and still get the right nutrition and condition. AjkerDeal Classified being the no. one e-commerce website in Bangladesh, has invariably been making certain the standard of the merchandise. These things offer delicious food and happiness all directly. These snacks can be a typical thanks to entertain the guests in our country. AjkerDeal Classified brings the simplest quality food merchandise from BF Food. To entertain the guests, the homemakers need one thing fast and simple to form. You may positively get pleasure from these things at reception with friends and family.

What BD Food Wants to Express?

Health is the root of all happiness. Good food is crucial for permanent health. Good food means a diet that contains carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamin, minerals, and water. Fruits and vegetables are also good for our health. We must always eat them often and we must always eat them moderately. Our food ought to be recent, clean and properly steamed. BD Foods Ltd is a leading Bangladeshi agricultural food manufacturing company giving healthy, alimentary and sanitary products. Their mission and vision is  ‘BD FOOD - GOOD FOOD’. Their purpose is to systematically improve the selection of shoppers with the foremost charming food product from Bangladesh. Our market potential is astounding, given the target population size of one hundred sixty million, a uniform economic growth-rate and massively increasing demand pattern for quality food products. 

Products of BD Foods

The  focus of BD Foods is to systematically improve the selection of customers with the foremost charming food merchandise of Bangladesh with complete management and unequalled nationwide distribution capability. The spices of BD Foods include Turmeric Powder, seasoner, Coriander Powder, Cumin Powder, Curry Spices Powder, Tandoori Chicken Masala, Beef Curry Spices, Fish Curry Spices, Farm-Raised Chicken Curry Spices, Mutton Curry Spices, Garam Masala, Panchforon Powder, Panchforon (Whole). And in the snacks section, it includes products like Chanachur, Bar-B-Q Chanachur, Jhal Chanachur, deep-fried Peanuts, deep-fried Daal (Lentils), Fried Peas, deep-fried Chickpeas, Potato whacky, Muri (Puffed Rice), Jhal Muri (Spicy Puffed Rice), Mango Bar. In the pickles section it includes Mango Pickle, Olive Pickle, Mixed Pickle, Garlic Pickle, Shatkora Pickle, Bakul Pickle. BD Food also has a section of chutneys also and that includes: Tamarind condiment, Mango condiment, Boroi condiment, Mixed Fruit condiment, Olive condiment, Hot Mango Pickle, Amloki condiment. Apart from all these spices and everything the sauces in BD Foods include: tomato sauce, tamarind Sauce, chilli sauce,  green chili pepper Sauce, soya sauce, aromatic rice ,mustard oil and lots of a lot of preparation items!

BD Foods Quality

Quality, responsibility and client satisfaction square measure the cornerstones of BD Foods business. BD Foods Ltd systematically excels in compliance with each domestic and international laws of food safety and hygiene. They have achieved the in demand certifications of BSTI, HACCP, ISO, and FSM. In their relentless pursuit of perfection, they tend to make sure that the very best standards of hygiene and nutritionary safety square measure are taken care of throughout the processes of procural, storage, processing, packaging. Rice, fish curry, and lentil is the commonest ancient Bangladeshi food for general folks. BD Foods Ltd is a leading Bangladeshi agricultural food manufacturing company providing healthy, nutrient and sanitary merchandise. They're committed to harnessing the most effective agro-based resources of Bangladesh from real growers at a good price. Their focus is to systematically improve the selection of customers with the foremost charming food merchandise from Bangladesh. The market potential is astounding, given the target population size of nearly one hundred seventy million with distinctive strengths in sales, whole management and incomparable nationwide distribution capability.

BD Food Spices

BD Food company collects their spices from the natural sources. BD spices are all free from any artificial ingredients which ensures the best flavour in the food bringing back the memories of home. BD Food spices are convenient to cook food within a short period of time. Busy office holders and students can cook their food with BD Food spices in a short period and the foods also become tasty too.

BD Food Snacks

BD Food snacks are delicious treats to all ages of people. People from all ages love to eat them and they are tasty as well as healthy too. BD Food snacks include foods like chanachur, fried lentils, peanuts and peas and so many more. These snacks are also made from natural sources with no added color or flavour. 

BD Food Pickles

BD Food pickles come in many different flavours. These pickles can be eaten with food or individually. Like all the other BD Food items, pickles are also tasty and people of all ages love to eat them. BD Food pickles are made from natural ingredients and fruits collected from local farmers only ensure the best quality.

BD Food Chutneys

BD Food also has a separate section which is chutney. BD Food chutneys are made with great care and they are eaten with foods or snacks. BD Food chutneys are also delicious. As they are made from fresh ingredients and fruits, they are healthy, nutritious and tasty to eat. 

BD Food at AjkerDeal Classified

Being number 1 online shopping website of Bangladesh, AjkerDeal Classified caters all the brands for the consumers to buy in an easy way. You can find all the products of BD Foods at AjkerDeal Classified at a reasonable price. All the products are made with natural ingredients and tasty to eat. People of all ages love to eat them and

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