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The world has changed significantly over the last few decades with the evolution of technology. Technology has changed the way we communicate and exchange information with others. Notable technological evolution with design and innovation can be seen in the consumer electronics sector. Consumer electronics have been able to create a great influence in the lives of people globally. Bangladesh is no exception. Demand for these small appliances grew significantly as the necessity is redoubled. One of the most renowned brand names in the world of small consumer electronics and accessories is Baseus. Baseus has become the name of trust in the Bangladeshi market with their quality products, durability, and popularity. Products of Baseus are widely available in the offline and online market. You can buy and sell baseus products online at the best price at Ajkerdeal Classified.

Journey of Baseus - Ambitious Brand with the Goal to Be the Best!

Baseus, a 3C electronic and digital accessories brand, was founded in 2011 under the company Shenzhen Shishang Chuangzhan Technologies Co., Ltd.  Baseus manufactures small electronic appliances and smartphone accessories with an integration to R&D, design, and sales.

The mother company, also named as Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology Co. Ltd., was established in 2006.

An aggressive growth over the past 8 years has put Baseus at the top of the 3C electronics industry in China. Philosophy of Baseus is the innovation in design and practical aesthetic combined with technology and environmental sustainability.

Baseus reached more than 180 countries in November, 2017. There are more than 1000 physical stores and 800 flagships stores around the world in the year 2020.

The brand name ‘Baseus’ is a simplified form of the brand slogan “Base on user”, indicating that the brand thinks from the perspective of users. The products are designed and manufactured with aesthetic and value considering what the users desire.

Product LInes of Baseus

At the very beginning of the establishment of Baseus, it manufactured mobile phone accessories. However, the overwhelming demand for its products led the company to rethink, redesign and expand its product lines to meet the users demand.

Baseus has a variety of product lines at present. Baseus is developing multiple categories of products including Baseus Audio, Baseus Lighting, Baseus Gamo,  Baseus Home Appliance, and Baseus Automotive. Baseus focuses on product quality, innovative design and affordability which makes the brand more popular than others. Baseus innovates intelligent products to be used in cars, at home, office, and even on the go.

Charger, Power Bank and Cables

Baseus manufactures the highest quality chargers, power banks, and data cables. Chargers that can be used at home, travel or in cars. Some of the chargers have intelligent functions like Support Multiple Fast Charge Protocols, Smart Recognition Chips, Automatic Pressure Load Monitoring. Baseus has also produced wireless chargers that support up to 65 watt quick charging.

The power banks are built with high grade materials, digital display, very handy and stylish. One of the main focuses of Baseus is in the aesthetics. Those power banks are the example of pure beauty. These power banks are mostly compatible with multi-fast charging protocols.

Data cables are built with braided fibers to ensure durability. There is a variation in cable types such as 2-in-1, 3-in-1, magnet chargers. There are both iPhone and Android versions of those chargers with upto 480Mbps of Transmission Rate.

Audio Devices

Another popular product line of Baseus is the audio device. It is currently producing earphones, headsets, wireless earbuds, and Bluetooth speakers. These audio devices are built focusing on the smart, fashion-oriented generation. Very affordable in price, the earphones are durable and aesthetically. Sound quality of the earbuds is amazingly good. Wireless earphones and speakers can be used up to 10 hours in one single charge. The material of these products is environmentally friendly, and of high quality. Some of these audio accessories are also water and dust proof.

Smartphone Protection

Baseus manufactures high quality smartphone cases, covers and glass protectors. Covers are original leather made, have good grip and shock absorption ability. Baseus has phone covers for iPhone, and different brands of Android based smartphones. The glass protectors are very durable and of high quality. Specialty of these glass protectors is blocking harmful blue light, thin and concealed design, high touch sensitivity. Glass protectors display original HD screen, anti-explosion and breakage-proof, potent anti-fingerprint and Oil Rub Resistance.

Small Home Appliances

Baseus has a range of small home appliances. This category includes products like mini handheld USB fan, electric massager, smart charging electric table light, vacuum cleaner, mosquito killer, Solar Energy Human Body Induction Wall Lamp, Uniaxial Bluetooth Folding Stand Selfie Stabilizer, beautiful hand sanitizer and hand washing machine and many more.

Gaming Gears

With a great passion for gaming, the brand produces many high quality mobile gaming gears. Some of the mentionable gears are gaming headsets, wireless gaming mouse, smartphone Refriger Cooling Radiator, level 3 gaming helmet for PUBG, one-handed mobile gamepad, one handed gaming keyboard and so on.

Baseus is itself a house of quality. It provides a limited time warranty on all of its products so that users can use their gadgets without worrying about the quality.

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