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Beginning of ACI


Everyone in Bangladesh has used ACI products in their life at least once. From kitchen to toiletries to medicine, ACI has been ruling since 1968 but not under ACI rather Imperial Chemical Industries which later renamed Advanced Chemical Industry in 1992. It can be said that Imperial Chemicals started their journey as ACI in 1992. Apart from its long history, it is one of biggest multinational companies in Bangladesh. One of its biggest retail chain stores in Bangladesh is SWAPNO. In 2015, they sold their insect control, air care and toilet care brands to SC Johnson & Son. At first it was under British Multinational later it got converted to Bangladeshi company. 


ACI Products


ACI has a variety of products starting from home care to hygiene to electronics to food and many more international brands. The major products of ACI foods, ACI pharmaceticules, ACI hygiene and home care, ACI crop care. ACI has created a brand value making themselves one of the most trusted brands for the consumers to use and this led them to another level. 


ACI Foods


ACI food has been one of the major parts in their business. The major line in their food industry is the spices which is a top competitor of Radhuni. They also have packed rice, lentils, and cooking oil. Mainly rice, oil and spices are specially designed for the kitchen. However, they have another segment which is pre packed food ingredients like ACI pure kheer mix or halim mix. Another segment in the food section are the ACI pure curry masala, biryani masala, tehari masala and many more. These products are perfect for bachelor people or people who are in a hurry. Then there is another dried food section like puffed rice, crisps, noodles, plain cake, fried lentil and many more. AjkerDeal classified all the company listed products on their website. You can buy everything in one place easily from your home. 


ACI Pharmaceuticals


ACI pharmaceticules is another major sector of ACI company which has a variety of medical equipment and medicines. All the products of ACI pharmaceuticals are certified and safe to use under doctor’s recommendation. It seems like ACI products are everywhere. Medicines are always expensive but continuing their production in Bangladesh is one of the reasons behind why Bangladeshis can afford the price of medicine and continue with their treatment.It has over 387 medicines for major therapeutic diseases and it does not only stop there, ACI pharmaceticules also ship their medicines in countries like Belgium, UK, UCB and many more.


ACI Home Care

ACI home care includes products like air fresheners, Aerosol, mosquito coil, detergent powder, laundry soap, cockroach spray and many more. The insect repellent spray keeps mosquitoes and insects out of the home making the environment more healthy and keeps out the germs. ACI air freshener comes in many different fragrances in different flowers. The scent keeps home, office and indoor places fresh and more leaves out the bad odor. Apart from mosquito and insect repellent, ACI also has mosquito repellent coils for outdoor places which also acts as insect repellent too. The laundry detergent powder and laundry soap is specially made to wash clothes gently and leave out the germs and filth out of clothes and keeps them clean. 


ACI Personal & Hygiene Care

ACI personal and hygiene care includes products like sanitary napkins, antiseptic soap, beauty soap, hand wash, diaper, adult diaper and many more personal hygiene care for the consumers. ACI solely focused on creating a variety of feminine products to satisfy the demand of different consumers. Another hygiene product is their antiseptic soap which consumers can use in their everyday life and be clean all the time. Hand wash and hand sanitizer has also been a very big part of the ACI company as their sanitizing products are quite familiar among the users. For the beauty section, ACI has their own sandlina beauty soap and body wash which are available everywhere. Besides all these, they also have another section of children’s diaper and adult diaper for people who need them. 


ACI Crop Care

Another section of ACI company is their ACI crop care. ACI crop care has their own line of pesticides and fertilizer working efficiently for the farmers of the country to be able to produce more healthy products. ACI fertilizer products are all natural and effectively good for products.

ACI in AjkerDeal Classified

ACI is not only a multinational company rather it is becoming a household name in every way that can be possible. From kitchen products to cultivate crops, ACI is everywhere. You can also order your desired ACI products from AjkerDeal classified and get it home delivered. You can find all the company listed products in our website and buy them easily from and also pay them online to avoid any kind of hassle. ACI achieved the ISO 9001 certification for producing and delivering quality products and now exporting them to Sri Lanka, Yemen, Vietnam and Myanmar.

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