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Wholesale Offer

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Wholesale Offer

Sellers, jobs, or distributors are retailers selling products or merchandise, for industrial, commercial, institutional, or other professional business users, or other wholesalers and related subordinated services. In general, it is the sale of someone else's products other than an ideal customer.


The word ‘Wholesale’ refers to the restructuring of the retail business without the sale of new and used materials, to industrial, commercial, institutional or professional users, or to any other wholesaler or agent or broker. Such as to buy or sell goods for individuals or companies. Large portions are often physically assembled wholesale, sorted and graded materials, broken down into smaller deficits, repetitive and rearranged. Although most commodities typically handle most products independently, food wholesale marketing can take place in certain wholesale markets where all merchants are missing.


Traditionally, the products they received were much more wholesale than what the suppliers supplied to the market. However, with the advent of the Internet and e-practice, there is a large wholesaler close to manufacturers in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Wholesale in Banking Sectors

In the banking industry, wholesale usually refers to wholesale banking, which provides useful services for large customers, compared to retail banking, and provides quality services for large customers.


It refers to the sale of goods or services to wholesalers and retailers, or to retailers such as various business buyers. The concept of wholesaler was basically a concept of retail wholesale which includes all sales other than sales to the final customer, while retail sales are sales to the final customer that are used personally. 


In other words, the concept of wholesale and retail is not usually defined by the scale of the transaction, the number of transactions, the goods under the transaction, etc., but is usually defined by the nature of the seller. Therefore, a stationery merchant is retail when selling to a customer who personally uses a ballpoint pen, but a wholesaler when selling to a store or manufacturer used for office work, and the same business, even if they sell the same product, they may be retail or wholesale. 


Larger functions include supply and demand adjustment functions, physical distribution functions, financial functions, and risk understanding functions. Specifically, supply and demand coordination functions include appropriate product types, inventories, and product planning arrangements. In addition to functions, the product also includes sales promotion functions and information functions which are mostly central functions.

The Wholesale Traders

The merchant whose main business is wholesale, is called wholesale middleman. A wholesale trader is a self-wholesaler or for-profit wholesaler who is in favor of acquiring or transferring ownership or transfer of goods or services in a transaction and is not in favor of acquiring or transferring ownership. And subsidized activities.  

Types of Whole Trading

Depending on the range of products operated, general wholesale trade by industry, wholesale trade of special items or restricted items by industry, wholesale trade of collection or wholesale trade of manufacturing sector, relay wholesale trade location based on role and location, Distribution channel wholesale-distribution wholesaler (consumer wholesaler), or primary wholesaler (large wholesaler), secondary wholesaler (inventory), third wholesaler (small wholesaler), all-function wholesaler, full-function wholesaler and limited function wholesalers can be divided into national wholesalers. And regional wholesalers depend on the expansion of each trade area. Of these, only a limited number of cases of proxy wholesalers and limited function wholesale have been reported in Japan so far. However, in the United States and other countries, including lawsuits, brokers, commissions, houses (American wholesale trade is almost equal to commercial wholesalers), residential buyers, residential buyers, auction houses, Japanese commercial wholesalers, etc. Rack Jobbar (a wholesaler that manages all corners of a retail store) In charge and shows their skills), Cash-back-return wholesalers or cash wholesalers, cash-and-carry wholesalers here are truck wholesalers (Wagon Jabbar), direct shipments are wholesale dropship wholesalers, mail order wholesale mail order wholesalers.


However, when it comes to wholesalers, it is almost synonymous with the concept of general wholesale trade (especially self-wholesale trade). However, historically, wholesalers have been involved in transactions centered on consignment trading and proxies have evolved as a form of wholesale business. It is definitely located as a business that sells or buys products for others. In other words, the wholesaler does not make any profit or loss from the transaction with the person who buys or sells and earns only a fee but the wholesaler and the person with whom he deals or has a contract in the wholesaler's own name in relation to the buyer, so the seller From price and price is obliged to pay from buyer. It can be said that there is an obligation to collect it.


Needless to say, the organization responsible for wholesalers is not limited to independent wholesalers. The head office of the manufacturer is the sales department, branch office, branch office, etc. The manufacturers are established by the manufacturers to perform their wholesale work. 

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