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Valentine Carnival

Valentine Carnival

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Some verbal instructions of love in the Bengali dictionary of the Bangla Academy has given briefly. The synonyms of  Love are liking, affection, friendship, attachment, liking, respect, devotion, affection, affection, attraction, etc. The use of these words for love, however, reveals the nature of love. The application of love, however, is being or is being done or is being tried by individuals or groups of individuals, societies, or social groups in various ways.

When it comes to love, many of us are trying to limit our love to men and women. Just as it is one-sided, love can be characterized by respect for parents, love for brothers and sisters, love for people, love for people, love for country, love for nature, love for animals or biodiversity, love for friends, relatives, and for human welfare, etc. Explaining these or thinking about the progress of society can reveal the true nature of love.

The Necessity of Valentine's Day

Torture, abandonment, protest, and bold utterance are the significance or originality of this day. We now have a vision of where we should go wrong to celebrate Valentine's Day or what we should do to remember this day. It is very important to practice this knowledge now. If we want to see the true form of love, we have to proceed in the light of the history of this day. If the essence can be brought out from here, it will be possible to recover the meaning of true love.

History of Valentine's Day

Some experts believe that Roman St. Valentine was brutally murdered for not leaving Christianity. The day of his sacrifice was celebrated on 14 February 269 AD as a symbol of love. Some experts also say that while in prison, St. Valentine gave a letter signed by him to the jailer's daughter, which read, ‘Love from your Valentine.’ Valentine's Day was introduced later with such memories of love.

Another idea is that St. Valentine was a pastor of the church during the time of the Roman Emperor Claudius. Claudius first imprisoned him for arguing with him. He was later executed. In 498 AD, Pope Gelasius set February 14 as the day in honor of St. Valentine, and the ceremony was later named after him. The celebration of Valentine's Day dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. In ancient Rome, February 14 was a holy day in honor of Queen Juno of the Roman gods and goddesses.

Arrangements of Valentine's Day in Bangladesh

Nowadays, different types of events are organized in Bangladesh on the occasion of Valentine's Day. Love exists not only in young people, but also in parents, siblings, friends, and so on. So Valentine's Day is spread evenly in all relationships. Text messages or chats on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Emo, Twitter, and Instagram are full of love stories.

Many people spend some special time on this day with their loved ones. In imitation of Western culture, they celebrate with greeting cards, perfumes, chocolates, diamond rings, duets, mobile phone love messages, emails, teddy bears, or books. Some have given loved ones a small note with a bouquet of roses or a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates. These also multiply the joy of this day.

Targeting the Valentines day, the celebrants and traders have made a quite plan for buying and selling goods. Flowers, chocolates, diamond jewelry, watches, clothes, and other gifts are being sold pricing a lot of money.

The couple spends the day wandering around the country, including the capital, through various events and ceremonies. The day of love becomes colorful with different colors like red, blue, purple, white, pink. Fairs, festivals, and concerts are also organized in different parts of the country on the occasion of the day. Everyone is busy coloring the day in different colors with the people they love by taking part in the events held in different parks. In addition, various five-star hotels and restaurants host a variety of special lunch and dinner menus with cakes and desserts.

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